Mississippi police knew a baby was in the front seat and opened fire on the vehicle, killing the child and his father.

The family of the minor assures that the police have not given them information about the La’mello Parker case.

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La’Mello Parker, three months old, died after a police shooting in which his father Eric Derrell Smith was involved in May 2021.

According to a relative of the minor, Lashunda Parker, the police have given little information to the family about what really happened that day when Eric Derrell Smith provoked a chase and it ended in tragedy.

“We don’t know if it was an officer’s bullet that fired the final shot,” Smith said in an interview with Insider.

Eric Derrell Smith kidnapped his son La’Mello Parker after murdering the mother as well as a nephew in a Louisiana home on May 3, 2021, sparking a manhunt in Mississippi that ultimately came to an end when the assailant collided with a spike strip near Biloxi and stopped in the middle of the road.

A passerby who was passing by recorded the exact moment in which the police surround Eric Derrell Smith’s car and a few seconds later several shots were heard.

The minor’s father was pronounced dead at the scene, while The three-month-old baby was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died hours later. as a result of a bullet impact.

Two months after the one-year anniversary of the tragedy that mourned a Mississippi family, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi shared, at the request of Insider, the log of calls related to the persecution.

The documents show that officers knew there was a baby in the front seat of the vehicle being frantically driven by Eric Derrell Smith, however, the record did not specify whether La’Mello Parker was in his father’s arms or just as a passenger.

So far the sheriff’s department has not offered an explanation for the why the police opened fire on the vehicle if they knew there was a minor inside.

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