MLS: Bob Bradley compares Carlos Salcedo to Sergio Ramos

Toronto FC manager, Bob Bradleyintensely praised the footballing ability of the Mexican defender Carlos Salcedowho arrives for reinforce the defense of the group of Major League Soccer (MLS).

bradley even compared the Aztec soccer player with the Spanish defender Sergio Ramosbecause he considers that the mentality of both players is similar, and they make plays that make a difference.

“The way he’s grown as a player, I mentioned earlier, the mentality, the personality, the playmaking defenders, you know, when you look around the world, you know, there are certain defenders who always go to Sergio Ramos and in his team, his presence is as big and kind as Sergio”, he assured.

The Toronto FC coach noted that, cWith the Tigres team, Salcedo beat his former team Los Angeles Fútbol Club in the Concacaf Champions League, where he highlighted his participation in defense.

“We want to get the best out of him and is highly motivated to play an important role in the success of Toronto FC. He has big goals. So that’s something that’s great to hear from the coach’s side.”

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