Mobile entertainment: the bet of 2022

In recent years, various companies and industries have made the leap to mobile devices to bring their content to a greater number of audiences, but there are two sectors of entertainment that have increased their popularity in an outstanding way thanks to this bet: casinos and the audiovisual industry.

In the first case, we find examples such as Superplay Casino within the now called iGaming industry, which thanks to the evolution of the casino world towards the digital environment, have now become protagonists of popular entertainment culture. In this way, thanks to this digitization, games such as roulette, blackjack or slot machines are no longer destined to remain enclosed within four walls, but can now reach the palm of the hands of millions of people practically anywhere. place.

For its part, the digitization of the audiovisual industry has brought film and TV into the hands of millions of people around the world, allowing them to enjoy their favorite content without the need to be in a specific place and time in front of a television or inside a movie theater. However, beyond the fact that this change from the traditional development of audiovisual productions could affect the quality of the contents, it has been a great boost for the development of the creativity of the actors, producers and directors, as could be seen in the ceremony of the 2021 Oscar Awards, where five productions developed for digital platforms were the big winners of the night.

Absolute dominance in mobile entertainment

Although the casino and audiovisual productions sectors have given rise to great competition among their participants and aroused the interest of the audience for their proposals, there is a branch of mobile entertainment that has only one leader that seems immovable: the music.

In the last decade, the music industry made the leap towards mobile platforms to bring artists’ creations to a greater number of people. The result has been a resounding success that has managed to turn physical formats such as CDs and vinyl into collector’s items.

In this context, we find the Spotify platform, which has not only surpassed competitors such as Deezer, YouTube Music or Apple Music in number of users, but has also become an impetus for the growth of the careers of multiple artists. An example of this is the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, who became the most listened to artist of 2021 by achieving more than 9,100 million views within this platform.

Mobile entertainment: the bet of 2022

By reaching the palms of more people’s hands through smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, the entertainment industry, along with all its musicians, artists, developers and creatives, have found a scene of continuous growth. It is expected that this trend will continue to develop, and that the mobile content offer will be better and better for users.