Model Veronika Khomyn’s beauty kept Sean McVay from leaving the Rams

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

In recent days it emerged that Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay had made the decision to continue with the team and defend his Vince Lombardi trophy as NFL champion. But other important information was released: his fiancée Veronika Khomyn had a lot to do with the decision to continue.

Little information is known about Veronika and how he won the heart of the youngest coach in the leaguebut one thing is certain: both have no brakes on sharing the love they profess on social networks.

Born in the Ukraine in 1990, she began dating McVay long before she gained the fame and respect she now garners. She was during Sean Ella’s tenure as an assistant coach with the former Washington Redskins, between 2011 and 2013.

When he was promoted to offensive coordinator, the couple had more income to move to the West Coast and they bought a house in Encino, California. They paid $2.71 million for their residence.

Model profession and career

Khomyn, who often shares her activities with the more than 50,000 followers accumulated on Instagramannounced on one occasion that he developed his higher studies at George Mason University.

As for his work, he went through the modeling catwalks; his work also included some UFC events, as well as some concerts held at DC Clubbing in Fairfax, Virginia.

She also had some time modeling in some European countries and mainly in her native Ukraine.

The beautiful model is 1.77 meters tall and usually keeps herself very fit, giving her a slim, contoured figure; her body weight is usually over 60kg. All this information, along with her exercise routines, is usually shared in the stories of her profile on her Instagram.

Her stunning brown eyes matching her dark brown hair is an important factor in every photo she takes with her successful boyfriend.

Veronika stopped Sean McVay from leaving the Rams

After winning Super Bowl LVI, McVay increased doubts about whether he would continue to lead the team, but the doubts were dispelled weeks later.

Despite the Super Bowl LVI title, the Rams’ front office was unsettled by rumors of their star coach’s retirement.

Among the factors that tempted him to leave the leadership in American football was trying to start a family, away from the anxieties and difficulties that come with a position like the one he has with the Rams.

However, His fiancée had a lot to do with him staying with the Los Angeles franchise..

Through social networks, Veronika Khomyn shared that her love would not withdraw, after long conversations as a couple.

Indeed, shortly after it became known that Sean put aside a five-year offer with Amazon through his platform. Prime Video comment on Thursday Night Football.