Modern eCommerce Development with Headless Frameworks

Unleash eCommerce's power with headless platforms. Learn about their key features, benefits, and leading options transforming online retail.

The e-commerce industry has seen a significant transformation in the last ten years alone, thanks to the rise of social and mobile commerce, the dominance of e-commerce behemoth Amazon, and constantly changing customer preferences and expectations. 

How then can internet shops stay current with fashion and react fast to technological change? And how can e-commerce platforms satisfy the needs of today’s consumers?

What is eCommerce Headless?

The architecture known as “headless commerce” is one in which the frontend layers are separated from the eCommerce backend functions. Simply said, to make the eCommerce platform “headless,” the headless commerce approach will split the storefront layer from the platform itself.

The headless commerce development provides you with an unmatched amount of freedom to design a distinctive and customized consumer experience on the front end by allowing two different layers to operate independently and interact via APIs. All of the eCommerce backend functionality is still there and working in the meantime.

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Headless Ecommerce Platforms: Key Features

Headless e-commerce platforms decouple the front-end user interface from the back-end e-commerce functionality. This allows businesses to create highly customized user experiences and integrate them with other systems such as CMS, CRM, or POS. Here are some key features of headless e-commerce platforms:

API-Driven Architecture

Headless e-commerce platforms are built with API-first architecture, which allows businesses to integrate their e-commerce functionality with other systems and platforms seamlessly.

Customizable Front-End

Decoupling the front end from the back end allows businesses to create highly customized user experiences that align with their brand and meet their specific needs.


Headless e-commerce platforms are highly flexible and adaptable to changing business needs. This is because they allow businesses to integrate with other systems and platforms and add or remove features and functionalities as needed.

Multi-Channel Selling

Headless e-commerce platforms make it easy to sell across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, marketplaces, social media platforms, and more.


Headless e-commerce platforms enable businesses to provide highly personalized experiences to their customers based on their browsing and purchasing behavior, preferences, and other data.


Headless e-commerce platforms are highly scalable and can support businesses of all sizes, from small startups to enterprise-level organizations.


Headless e-commerce platforms provide a secure environment for online transactions and customer data storage, ensuring the safety of both businesses and customers.

The Top Headless Shopping Cart Platforms

The industry offers some headless commerce platforms, each with a unique set of features and functionalities. The top headless commerce platforms are listed below:


A cloud-based, API-first e-commerce platform called Commercetools enables companies to build highly personalized e-commerce experiences. It supports several languages and currencies and provides a broad variety of connectors, including those with CMS, PIM, and CRM systems.

Shopify Plus

A powerful API is available on the cloud-based, fully-hosted commerce platform known as Shopify Plus for creating headless commerce experiences. With connectors for marketplaces, social media networks, and more, it offers multi-channel selling.


A headless commerce solution is provided by BigCommerce, a SaaS-based, API-driven e-commerce platform. It offers a variety of third-party system integrations, multi-channel selling, and customized front-end experiences.

Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a headless, API-first commerce platform that offers enterprises of all sizes a customizable and scalable solution. It offers a variety of third-party system integrations, multi-channel selling, and customized front-end experiences.


The headless, API-first commerce platform Moltin provides a flexible and scalable solution for companies of all sizes. It offers a broad variety of connectors, including those with CMS, PIM, and CRM systems. It also supports several languages and currencies.

Reaction Commerce

An adaptable solution is offered by the open-source, headless commerce platform Reaction Commerce for companies of all sizes. It allows integrations with a large variety of third-party systems, multi-channel selling, and personalized front-end experiences.


You may better segregate issues with headless eCommerce. It raises your accountability since it makes you choose the best tools to combine. Your online business may become more future-proof as a result of making your eCommerce data portable.