Molly, a police dog, helps a drug bust made at Grupo Firme concert in Foro Sol with three arrests

Grupo Firme's Enfiestados y Amanecidos Tour hits Foro Sol in Mexico City with 7 historic concerts and surprise guests. Police crack down on drug trafficking at the show.
  1. Grupo Firme held two concerts at the Foro Sol in Mexico City as part of their “Enfiestados y Amanecidos” tour, with over 1,000 local police officers providing security for the events.
  2. During the concerts, three young men were arrested by police after being caught in possession of cocaine and more than 100,000 pesos in cash. The arrests were made thanks to “Molly,” a dog from the Canine Unit of the Banking and Industrial Police.
  3. The three subjects arrested had intended to sell the drugs at the concert rather than attend the show. Grupo Firme is a regional Mexican band formed in 2013 in Tijuana and set a historical record with seven concerts at the Foro Sol.

On March 10 and 11, Grupo Firme delighted thousands of locals who enjoyed a couple of concerts on the “Enfiestados y Amanecidos” tour. The venue that opened its doors to the regional Mexican band was the Foro Sol, where more than a thousand Mexico City police officers were deployed to provide security for the audience.

In addition to the songs and the show, it is very common that before the musical presentations, some people resell tickets to fans who did not have tickets. But sometimes, not only admission tickets are offered because the consumption of illicit substances also accompanies concerts.

Thus, during the operations carried out over the weekend, the capital authorities managed to arrest three young men at one of the entrances to the Foro Sol, who possessed multiple doses of cocaine and more than 100 thousand pesos in cash.

The actions were carried out thanks to “Molly,” a dog from the Canine Unit of the Banking and Industrial Police (PBI). Together with her handler, they carried out patrols at one of the access points of the premises in the Granjas Mexico neighborhood in the Iztacalco district of the city of Iztacalco. When the specimen approached three individuals, it suddenly changed its behavior.

The detainees were a minor under the age of 17, as well as two young people aged 18 and 19 (Photo: Special)
The detainees were a minor under the age of 17, as well as two young people aged 18 and 19 (Photo: Special)

As part of the protocols, the three young men were taken to a secure area and underwent a preventive search, after which they found half a dozen wrappers of cocaine -whose exact weight and quantity were not disclosed-which were presumably going to be offered to the concert attendees.

During this work, they found 128,000 pesos in cash, handed them over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and seized drugs. As for the young people, it was reported that they were a 17-year-old minor and a couple of companions aged 18 and 19, whose identities were kept under reserve.

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According to reports from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), the three subjects “intended to enter” the Foro Sol, although not necessarily to see the vocalist Eduin Caz and the rest of the group, but to sell the drugs they possessed.

These works were part of the security measures in which 1,947 CDMX police officers participated, deployed in the Granjas Mexico neighborhood for the shows offered by Grupo Firme, known for their covers of other bands and compositions about experiences of heartbreak.

Grupo Firme concert

The regional Mexican band formed in 2013 in Tijuana has become the only one to have achieved seven concerts at the Foro Sol, undoubtedly a historical record for Grupo Firme. “Mijo, don’t stop dreaming. I’m going to be with you through thick and thin,” said the band’s producer, Isael Guti茅rrez, in celebration.

The nights passed between shots of whiskey and a series of surprises, such as the participation of El Mimoso, who appeared before the thousands of attendees as a guest. With the Caz brothers, he performed Te Equivocaste, Deja, and Yo S茅 Que Te Acordar谩s, some of the Tijuana group’s most successful songs.

Other notable guests were Erick Arag贸n (with whom they sang Codiciado), Remmy Valenzuela (who accompanied them in the interpretation of Nadie and Porque te Quiero), and El Yaki, who sang Cada Vez Te Extra帽o M谩s. It is worth mentioning that these concerts had to be postponed due to the surgery that Eduin Caz had to undergo for respiratory problems.