Molson Coors launches plant milk made from barley

Amid the rise of plant-based milk, the maker of Coors Light and Miller Lite, Molson Coors launches a barley milk on the market called Golden Wing Barley Milk.

Coors barley milk is made from five ingredients: barley milk (water, barley, barley malt), sunflower extract, calcium carbonate, pink Himalayan salt, and fortified with shiitake mushroom extract. A serving of Golden Wing Barley Milk has 130 calories.

Golden Wing claims that the barley used is not genetically modified and is of the highest quality from the Coors Barley Program. Depending on the brand, this barley milk has 60% less sugar, 50% more calcium and twice as much vitamin D.

Molson Coors has a 236-year brewing legacy. But milk? The company says it knows beer, and so it knows barley.

The company reports that there is a long history of barley consumption: “Roman gladiators were nicknamed ‘horderarii’, also known as ‘Barley Men’ due to their heavily plant-based diet consisting mainly of barley…”.

Molson Coors’ new plant-based beverage is available on the brand’s website, as well as at Sprouts stores in California and Whole Foods stores in Southern California. Barley milk will be located in the dairy aisle.

Milk alternatives are the dairy-free industry leaders. “The plant-based milk category is growing rapidly and is largely driven by innovation,” says Brian Schmidt, Molson Coors marketing manager for non-alcoholic products on the company’s blog.

The launch of Molson Coors barley milk is being staged to gauge the market and make any necessary adjustments. So far, the company says early feedback from retailers and consumers shows the drink has potential.

Plant-based milk has increased sales in the United States in recent years. Grain-based milk has gained 18 share points since 2016. While cow’s milk has lost nearly 6 combined share points to plant-based milk options, IRI shopping data shows.

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