Mona addresses pregnancy rumors and shows off her amazing body at 23

The truth behind the pregnancy rumors surrounding Mona and Geros in this article, where Mona flaunts her stunning body in daring outfits for her latest collaboration with a Colombian clothing brand.

Yesterday we told you in American Post News that Mona and her boyfriend Geros were being chased by pregnancy rumors after she showed off a suspicious baby bump. Now, the influencer leaves everyone with their mouths open by showing off her stunning body in daring and colorful outfits.

Through Instagram, the Chola star of the moment showed off some pictures of her latest collaboration with a Colombian clothing brand, which has also worked with other famous influencers like Maya Nazor, Anja Neovita, and Sam Espinosa, and Érika Vega.

Look Mona // Instagram
The influencer looked stunning in her new collaboration

In the image, we can see Geros’s girlfriend posing flirtatiously while modeling fitted outfits that highlight her great body at 23 years of age, which was achieved thanks to the plastic surgeon on a visit to Colombia in September 2022.

Rumors of pregnancy in Mona and Geros

Rumores Embarazo // Facebook
The influencer showed off a suspicious tummy in a recent video on Facebook

The photos where Mona shows off her body come just a day after she was singled out for showing off a suspicious tummy, which sparked pregnancy rumors. However, she clarified that she was not pregnant and was only swollen because she was in her days.

“No, why do they say I will be a mom? I’m not going to be, maybe it’s the clothes, the way you stand, or I don’t know. Right now, I’m on my period. My period inflames me a lot,” said the chola influencer, who assured her loyal fans that she would not hide from them that she is expecting Geros’ baby.

Who are Mona and Geros?

Mona y Geros // Instagram
The couple enjoys great popularity on social networks

Marisol, better known as Mona, and Jerónimo, better known as Geros, are a couple of influencers who enjoy great popularity on the Internet. For proof of this, we have the fact that their official Facebook page exceeds 7.9 million followers.

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