Mona and Geros How much did Mona pay for her surgeries in Colombia?

Mona de Mona y Geros has caused strong controversy when it was revealed that he will undergo several cosmetic surgeries in Colombia and from which they have disclosed the amount that was spent on them.

It turns out that Marisol, better known as Mona, revealed that some aesthetic adjustments would be made to improve her appearance, because as is well known, these statements caused controversy as many branded the influencer incongruous.

And it is that previously Mona de Mona and Geros She had said that some type of surgery would not be done, because she wanted to give and promote a message of acceptance and self-love, which does not fit with her latest actions.

Mona’s surgeries from Mona and Geros

Mona’s surgeries by Mona and Geros How much did Mona pay for her surgeries in Colombia?

It was through her usual live broadcasts that the influencer from Guanajuato told her followers that she was looking for the ideal place to have surgery and was willing to travel anywhere to be able to undergo surgery and undergo recovery after surgery. operation there.

That is why one of his first options was the city of Monterrey and they even recommended the surgeon who operated on Karely Ruiz, but for one reason or another he was unable to contact him.

As if that were not enough, he also asked the singer Edwin Luna for help to be able to contact the surgeon who operated on Kimberly Flores, however, the doctor resides in Guatemala.

Finally, the famous Mona decided to have surgery abroad and chose Colombia as the perfect destination, since she has heard wonders about Colombian surgeons and although it will be somewhat expensive, she is willing to pay that price.

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How much did Mona pay for her surgeries in Colombia?

How much did Mona pay for her surgeries in Colombia?

In a live broadcast, Mona revealed that she would undergo liposuction and gluteoplasty in Colombia. Many of her followers were very interested in knowing how much the beauty influencer would invest to achieve the body of her dreams.

That is why Geros’s fiancee said that she thought that in that country, surgeries would be somewhat more accessible, but she will also spend on plane tickets, lodging and nurses.

According to some sources, the price of liposuction would cost about $5,000 and gluteoplasty about $6,500. Added to this, the plane tickets, the rent of the place where he will stay and the nurses, would be about 6 thousand dollars more, giving a total of 17 thousand 500 dollars, which is equivalent to 350 thousand Mexican pesos.

It should be noted that many followers of Mona and Geros, especially from Colombia, commented that it was too expensive and that they should look for other alternatives with more reasonable prices: “I work in plastic surgery and all that is not worth it!!! 5 thousand dollars a liposuction???? It is approximately 2 thousand dollars, converting to the Colombian peso. I speak only of the lipo”.

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