Mona confirms Santa Fe Klan’s breakup with Maya Nazor but denies she triggered the separation

Mona reacts to rumors that she is to blame for the love breakup between Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor.

Early on, we informed you in American Post News that influencer Maya Nazor sparked rumors of separation with rapper Santa Fe Klan after making certain statements in a recent live broadcast she made from her Instagram profile.

However, the detail that caught the attention is that more than one pointed to Mona as the third in discord. Faced with this situation, the Chola influencer decided to defend herself. At the same time, she confirmed that the couple’s romance had ended but that it was not for her to reveal the reasons that led them to make this decision.

They are saying that Santa Fe left Maya for me, which is a lie. It’s not for me to say it because I know what happened, when I went to the party they had already left, they weren’t even walking and it wasn’t for me,” said Geros’ girlfriend during a broadcast from her official Facebook page.

Maya Nazor denies breaking with Santa Fe Klan.

Maya Nazor y Santa Fe Klan // Instagram
Maya Nazor assures that her romance with the rapper continues and asks the fans to leave them alone.

After the influencer’s video sparked rumors of a possible love break with the Santa Fe Klan, the influencer decided to clarify what happened in a TikTok comment. In it, he mentions that they have not broken up and that all he asks is that they are left alone so that they can enjoy their relationship.

“I never said we’re done. I only said that they leave us alone and if we end up or not, it is our decision and made with love”

Maya Nazor

Who are Mona and Geros?

Mona y Geros // Instagram
Despite criticism and controversy, influencers are very popular on the Internet.

Mona and Geros are a couple of influencers from León, Guanajuato who enjoy great popularity among cybernauts thanks to the simplicity, charisma and sense of humor they show during the live broadcasts on their Facebook page, which already has more than 7.6 million followers.

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