Money, jewelry and trips to Disneyland: The luxurious gifts that some girls received for their baptism

The godparents and guests at the baptism were the ones who gave the gifts to the twins.

Photo: Oliveira Silva / Pexels

Baptism is perhaps the most important sacrament of the Catholic Church and of other religions, since it is precisely with which one more child of God is welcomed into the community, so the parents of the baptized children not only officiate the religious ceremony but also often throw the house out the window to celebrate this act .

That is why, generally, those who are invited to a baptism usually bring some kind of gift for babies, Who are the celebrations of that day? The most popular gifts are clothes, a toy or a religious article that will remind the boy or girl forever of that special day in her life.

Nevertheless, on the internet is giving much to talk about what happened in a Christian baptism held in the province of Huancayo, in Peru, where the gifts that the guests gave to the baptized ones had nothing to do with the common because they chose to give them luxurious and ostentatious things.

A Facebook user broadcast live the christening party of the girls Anita and Nicol, held on July 2.

At one point in the video, the godparents of these little ones appear, identified as Raúl Véliz and his wife Yudy, gave the little ones a luxurious trip to Disneyland in Paris all paid for, for them and their parents. Also, They gave clothes, a truck and luxurious jewelry to the minors and they were very happy to be able to give them such gifts.

“Take me in the suitcase, take me in the suitcase”, one of the animators of the baptism is heard saying in the video that circulates on social networks.

Likewise, various guests gave the little ones and their family expensive gifts, as they gave them huge bottles of alcohol, clothes and stuffed animals full of money, boxes full of beers, fruit, corn, beef, pork, loin and all kinds of food. , since it is a tradition of the Huancayo community.

In fact, there were so many gifts that one of the christening presenters clarified that they were in the month of July and not Christmas, since it is not usual for there to be so many gifts at a christening.

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