Money Millionaire Family. Where did the family fortune come from?

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  • How much money does the Diaz family have?
  • They confess what their businesses are and how they built their fortune

Where did the money for the Diaz family come from? (VIDEO). The charismatic Mexican family that went viral on social networks for spending $ 50 thousand dollars in a few hours at the mall now comes out to confess that they do to earn a living and such luxuries envied by many.

The family became known in a video of the youtuber Yulay, where he met them for the first time in the middle of a great celebration in his huge ranch with horses, luxury cars, a pool and an excellent banquet that included very fine cuts with gold, as well en 24 karat gold!

Who are the members of the Díaz family?


The family is made up of the father, Mr. Angel better known as “Millionaire Dad” and his wife Joelia. In addition to their five children: Karen the eldest, and ‘administrator’ of the Diaz businesses; Brayan the eldest of the men who manages the ranch where the huge celebration with guests and a great banquet took place.

The twins Jordy and Joan, who also work in the family business, as well as the youngest Ángel Jr., who at 14 is already a tiktoker known as “El Niño Gucci”. The whole family has thousands of followers on their social networks, where they share their luxuries through videos, stories and photos.

How does the millionaire family earn money?

Where does the Diaz family's money come from?
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Many wonder, Where does the fortune of the Diaz come from? The question was answered by the father of the millionaire family. “NAdie is going to give us nothing. He has instilled in us that you have to chin ****. For people to see that nobody gives you anything, you have to work for them ”, explained the father in a video with the youtuber Yulay.

Being able to spend a million pesos in just one day (50 thousand dollars), having dozens of vehicles, escorts and many luxuries, for the Díaz is something simple. The above, thanks to their business and fortune. The millionaire family has revealed that each of the members takes care of a part of their businesses.

What are the businesses of the millionaire family?

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To find out what the Díaz family work and how they get their money, the youtuber Yulay took on the task of visiting them very early. To the influencer’s surprise, the family welcomed him with an unexpected breakfast that few would think is ‘worth’ of millionaires.

The whole family sat down to breakfast cereals in their modest dining room. “This is a breakfast of champions”Yulay tells them. “One would think that a millionaire family in the morning eats an omelet”, aim. Right away, the youtuber shows the Diaz’s luxury vehicles.

This is the routine of the Mexican family with millions of dollars

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“My boss always likes us to get up super early”says Brayan Díaz. The Diaz’s father also throws a ‘tip’ in the video. “We get more out of the day. As the saying goes, God helps those who wake up early and we start early “said in the YouTube video, which has more than 2 million views as of this writing.

“While others are sleeping, we start to work because nothing falls from the sky”adds the Diaz’s mother. Immediately one of the twins ‘breaks the silence’ and confesses that although sometimes they are awake, and still they get up to ‘chat’. “Nobody is going to give us anything”says the young man, who later revealed where everything they have came from.

The Díaz’s father ‘failed’ in many businesses before reaching fortune

The Díaz's father 'failed' in many businesses before reaching fortune

“All we have is thanks to my dad, because he is chin *** working from early to late”says young Diaz. He notes that his family’s hard work has gotten them where they are. “People see that it is not so easy to get money”, says one of the twins of the Diaz family.

After preparing early, the Diazs went to one of their businesses, one of their gyms from the chain “The Diaz Brothers.” Leaving there they went to eat, clarifying that they like to do it in a nutritious way. In the middle of lunch, the youtuber Yulay asked them a question that many Hispanics have also asked themselves, Where does the money of the millionaire family come from?

Do they work on ‘illicit things’?

Do they work on 'illicit things'?

When questioned whether the money of the Díaz family is legal, Brayan, the eldest son, said: “The truth is that my boss has been working for many years, I have been working for about seven years”, “We have always worked right”, assured the young millionaire. “There are businesses in which you lose, you learn from your failures”added.

Faced with the same question, the Díaz father answered sharply, they assure that “People will always talk” because “they don’t know how one has lived, I started working as a bricklayer since I was a kid”. In addition, he clarified that if his fortune came from illicit businesses, he would not expose his family on social networks and videos.

What does the Diaz’s father do to ‘earn a living’?

This is how the millionaire family treats its workers
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The father of the millionaire family showed what a day’s work is like in his freight company. Despite the fact that he has drivers in his company, when it is necessary, Mr. Ángel and his son Brayan take the steering wheels from the trucks so that their business does not stop. Not everything is glamorous, since the father reports that they also make long trips and that they encounter many difficulties.

Mr. Ángel even said that a trailer had been stolen from them and that another one had overturned, “are occupational hazards”he said very relaxed. Now that he is a successful businessman, the family patriarch recalled how he started selling bazaar clothes, however, he revealed that a devaluation of the currency broke his business.

Many businesses but they also made many mistakes and went bankrupt

Many businesses but they also made many mistakes and went bankrupt

Currently, the Díaz family has various businesses in Mexico, from a chain of gyms called “The Díaz Brothers”, a freight service, to a series of properties that they rent for various events, according to the millionaire family’s own testimonies, but they were not always ‘successful’.

The patriarch of the Díaz family revealed what was one of his worst mistakes. “An investment to sell chicken meat to the Army”It was quite a ‘ordeal’ for Mr. Ángel. “I bought trucks, computers, merchandise and then they no longer accepted me”However, he did not give up and kept trying more business.

This is how the millionaire family treats its workers

This is how the millionaire family treats its workers

“Later I started a birria business, but there we also failed and went bankrupt. There have been businesses where it has not been possible ”, assured the Mexican millionaire. “Man throws us down and pride lifts us up”said Mr. Ángel Díaz, who later reflected on the workers.

“You have to pay them well … I try to reward them .. the most hard-working .. sometimes we have a little party for them or we take them somewhere”said the Mexican. “God helps us if we help the workers and the families of the workersHe added. The family said goodbye revealing that they are not without problems but revealed a ‘secret’ to overcome them. Filed Under: Millionaire Family Money

They reveal ‘secret’ to keep their business; “God first”

They reveal 'secret' to keep their business;

For the Diaz, family and God is the most important thing. The family said that there may be more families with great fortunes, but who are separated, either due to divorces, fights, or studying abroad. “The fundamental thing is that the family is always together“Said one of the Diaz twins.

To conclude, Mr. Ángel gave an important final message. “The first thing we must keep in mind, always go ahead, God comes first”he said showing his great faith. “First God, trust God and be with God”, concludes by saying the father of the Diaz. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

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