Money pastor Jesse Duplantis cynically asks for donations for Jesus

  • Pastor is giving something to talk about by demanding money in the name of Jesus
  • Jesse Duplantis asks for donations for the arrival of Christ on Earth
  • The pastor who asks for money already has his own plane

Cynical extortion? An evangelical pastor demands money for the ‘arrival’ of Jesus on Earth. Jesse Duplantis is a pastor from the United States and his statements are going viral after he claimed on a television show that Christ does not come to Earth because people do not make the corresponding donations.

According to the news portal ‘Cultura Colectiva’, the way to proceed for an evangelical pastor to earn money from his faithful followers is to practically deceive them with the supposed ‘coming’ of Jesus to Earth amid chaos due to the pandemic and violence that whips humans.

Pastor demands money for the speedy arrival of Jesus

Jesse Duplantis pastor asks for money

Participating in a ‘Victorython’, Pastor Jesse Duplantis made some controversial statements, proud to be a billionaire with even a private plane and assuring viewers who made their donations that if they wanted Jesus’ speedy arrival, they should give more money.

The religious event was given to raise funds and support those in need, however, the intervention of Pastor Jesse Duplantis was the most controversial, even citing a passage from the Bible where it is assured that Jesus will return to Earth and that linked him to the donations theme.

Cynical? Jesse Duplantis, pastor demands money to increase his wealth?

Evangelical pastor asks for money

Although the pastor demanding money never gave a specific date, his speech was aimed at convincing the religious faithful that if they wanted to speed up the arrival of Jesus on Earth, they should have more discretion to donate greater amounts of money to the Church.

“Jesus has not returned to Earth because his donations are minimal,” he said in the middle of the event to the astonished gaze of the conductors of the religious event and with all the conviction, the pastor demanded money from the viewers who were aware of the collection of funds to help people.

Scam people? The evangelical pastor who demands money for the ‘arrival’ of Jesus

Jesse Duplantis pastor money

Jesse Duplantis is well known in the evangelical community as his fortune and luxurious life is the subject of constant criticism for the way he claims to be a billionaire, as a result of the cynical demands he makes on the faithful who support him, because he even has a plane private.

“When you understand, you can speed up the time… I’m on television and people tell me ‘you’re a millionaire, it’s not right, it’s not true, maybe it is, but it feels good… I realized that I had not moved emotionally. enough to people to donate or give, according to the word of God, what does God say to you? If all the people put this event everywhere and people gave money, ‘our father would say, see Jesus to them’… “, he started saying…

“We live in an economic world,” Pastor Jesse Duplantis said in demanding money.

Jesse Duplantis pastor money

“We live in an economic world, that’s why God asks us to give, I have no problem with donating, so you can make Jesus come by donating …”, ended his speech that undoubtedly brought him all kinds of negative criticism before him. audacity and amazement at what he asked for.

“Jesus never cared about money”, “He knows that Jesus will not return and still uses this speech to deceive people”, “Not even he is sure that Jesus is going to return”, “I wonder where it says on the Bible that you have to lean on viewers to make them donate in the name of Christ “,” Beware of false prophets who come dressed as sheep, “they commented on the Twitter video.

Controversy over Pastor Jesse Duplantis’s plane

Pastor asks for money Jesse Duplantis

Before the controversial video of the pastor demanding money, Jesse Duplantis had already been in controversy over the issue of his millions and the private plane that he blatantly boasts, in addition to being pointed out by people for not donating money to the affected community after the hurricane. Going.

The plane that Jesse Duplantis bought has a value of 54 million dollars, but to the surprise of many it is not the only one, but his fourth plane, so the outrage increased after asking for money from his community, ensuring that it was product of a ‘divine command’. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE PASTOR ASKING FOR MONEY; JESSE DUPLANTIS

Hispanic pastor accused of sexually assaulting three girls

Hispanic pastor accused of sexually assaulting three girls
Photo: Twitter

ABUSING SHEPHERD BEHIND BARS. They accuse a Hispanic pastor from the city of Santa Ana, California, of sexually assaulting three girls he met in churches in Riverside, Garden Grove and Santa Anita. On Tuesday, authorities filed charges against Carlos Ramírez Valdez, a 57-year-old Riverside resident who worked in the area as a pastor, for having sexually assaulted three minors.

The list of accusations is chilling. Ramírez faces eight counts: five counts of lewd acts with a minor under 14 years of age and three more counts of oral intercourse or sexual penetration of a child 10 years of age or younger, the local OC Register reported. This Friday, the officers arrived at a construction located in Los Alamitos, where Valdez works, to finally put him under arrest, said Corporal Sonia Rojo of the Santa Ana police.

Church member

Hispanic pastor accused of sexually assaulting three girls
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Valdez is pastor of International Mission Church USA located at 505 S. Main St., authorities said. Previously, from 2014 to 2017, he was part of Iglesia De Dios Ebenezer Church at 2020 W. Chestnut Ave. in Santa Ana, Rojo specified.

The police obtained the statements of three victims who dared to report him for sexual crimes committed since 2015, when he was still a member of the Iglesia De Dios Ebenezer. Filed Under: Pastor Demands Money Jesse Duplantis

How he enveloped his victims

Chronicle Latino couple night
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The police indicated that Valdez had approached an 8-year-old girl while she was part of this church. He lured her into a van during the church service and sexually assaulted her there, Rojo said. The situation was repeated with this girl for a period of three years.

It was not the only aggression of the pastor. In January 2020, a second victim raised her voice against Valdez and confessed to Riverside police that the man had sexually abused her in 2017 when she was eight, Rojo explained. A third victim approached Garden Grove police also in January 2020 to charge Valdez with abusing her in 2015. Filed Under: Pastor Demands Money Jesse Duplantis

Pay a high price

Hispanic Chronicle raping little sisters
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Once arrested and presented to a judge, Valdez was set on $ 1 million bond, jail documents indicate. The man remains in custody.

Because he committed crimes in two different counties, Orange County prosecutors agreed to handle the crimes for which he is charged in Riverside County as well. Filed Under: Pastor Demands Money Jesse Duplantis

More victims?

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As the prosecution continues the case against Valdez, detectives continue to investigate as they suspect there may be other victims of the pastor.

With the idea of ​​opening a communication channel, the police offered the data of the Detective J. Gaeta: Phone (714) 245-8350 and email: [email protected] or the Orange County Crime Stoppers number: 1-855-TIP-OCCS, so that anyone with information can contact them. Hispanic pastor accused of sexually assaulting three girls. Filed Under: Pastor Demands Money Jesse Duplantis