Shooting at Monkeys bar in Celaya, Guanajuato, left one injured: two men were arrested

Gunmen carry out attack on monkeys bar in Guanajuato, Mexico and shoot employees; terrifying video circulates on social networks
  • Attack on a bar in Guanajuato leaves one person injured.
  • Two men enter the ‘Monkeys’ business and threaten customers and staff.
  • However, his objective was the cashiers.

Guanajuato bar attack. Armed men enter the “Monkeys” bar in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico, and shoot the employees. The terrifying video is circulating on social networks. It has caused fear among the population because of the cold way in which the criminals unloaded their weapons on the defenseless women.

The tragic events occurred last night, and the two responsible have already been arrested, according to information on social networks. So far, the motives of the men for the aggression against the women and the place they went to are unknown.


Guanajuato bar attack
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The authorities only reported that two men on a motorcycle were detained moments after the attack on the place. Despite the seriousness of the attack, no deaths were reported, and only one injured worker, whose state of health is unknown, is recovering in a hospital.

This attack takes place amid a spiral of violence in this state. Throughout the country, the death toll already exceeds by far that of other years, with more than 100,000 to date, in one of the worst political and social scenarios in Mexico, where many murders are linked to organized crime, it was reported about the attack on a bar in Guanajuato. Remember, there was another shooting in a Guanajuato bar (Lexus, in Apaseo el Alto) not long ago. On that occasion, the attack ended with several fatalities and was connected to the CSRL (Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima).

Guanajuato bar attack: HOW DID THE EVENTS OCCUR?

Shooting Mexico
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Through social networks, it can be seen in a video of the business that the men arrive and intimidate those present, both customers and employees, so they pass from one side to another. However, it is not known what they wanted, but the worst would come later because no one could stop them.

The men realized that the employees called the 911 emergency system, so they began shooting at the two cashiers in the place. However, they reacted quickly and hid under the bar to avoid being hit by bullets. To see the video, click here.

Guanajuato bar attack: one injured

Guanajuato bar attack
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Despite her quick movement, the employee could not avoid being wounded because when the attackers were leaving, one of them returned and shot towards the bar to try to hit one of the women. Still, when he could not, he jumped over the bar and looked for her. Without further ado, he pointed the gun at her when he found her.

It was then that he showed no mercy. In a matter of seconds, his finger pulled the trigger of his pistol and hit one of them. It is seen that he tries to fire another shot, but his gun does not seem to work, so he hurries to run out of the place before the police arrive to help.


Shootings Mexico
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Through its Facebook account, the Municipal Police of the Special Operations Group of Celaya reported that after the shooting at the business, the elements managed to detain two people, apparently the alleged perpetrators of this event that stained the city of Celaya with blood.

The men were immediately handed over to the Attorney General’s Office of Guanajuato to answer the accusations against them, and an investigation file was opened so they could be prosecuted.