Monica Cabrejos: “Many gallants in France, but I’m looking for the partner of my life”

Monica Cabrejos return from France, country where you received the New Year, and confessed that many ‘gallants’ were presented to her, but she did not give them the ‘play’ because she is waiting for the partner of her life. I’m back, but I’m half out of place because of the jetlag, I feel kind of strange”, He counted.

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I saw in your stories that when you went through the sleeve, when you embarked for Lima, you wore a bracelet, was it a gift from a gallant?

A loan to pay back when we meet again.

Is he a heartthrob?

No, a Peruvian friend I have known for a long time. There were many gallants there, but I’m looking for the partner of my life, so I take my time.

Do you want a partner to wake up every day by your side?

I want a best friend to share my life, so I am calm, I do not rush.

Are you coming back with ‘Al sixth day’? Did you renew your contract?

Next week I record, I have not renewed yet, but we are talking and I have all the availability to reach an agreement.

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The program has your stamp

It is a brand already. I’m going for the second year (in driving), it’s a different option. So I hope that in 2022 the public will continue to support us with their tuning as they do today.

Mónica Cabrejos will soon record again for Al sixth day, but she has not yet renewed a contract (Photo: Instagram @la_cabrejos)


Before packing to travel to Paris, Monica Cabrejos ruled on the sounded separation of Melissa Paredes and the ‘Cat’ Cuba, after the ampay that the ‘urracos’ did to the former host of ‘América hoy’ with the ‘activator’ dancer Antonhy Aranda

Monica, what is your opinion on the subject of Melissa Paredes and the ‘Gato’ Cuba?

How difficult to say, I think you should take your time to decide on your marriage. They are both young and part of growing up is making mistakes.

Something can be rescued with that ‘ampay’ and his statement …

Everything is possible, time heals everything. They need time, now everything is momentum and sad because a family can be broken by such a situation or also strengthened.

Is it easy to forgive an infidelity?

It is not only forgiving an infidelity. An infidelity in a couple is not only about the person who betrays but also about the problems of a couple, because when a couple is well there is no place for third parties and that is the truth. I think that more than forgiving infidelity you have to assume it, understand it and trust it again, it is a very long process and very few couples manage to do it, but they are a young couple, they have a beautiful family, they could try to solve, at least, not in this moment because everyone is hot and with pain, with fear and they must give themselves time. Take therapy and see what is best for them. I think part of growing up is learning not to lie, learning to be honest. The truth is, I’m sad like everyone else because I was one of the most established couples.


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