Monkeypox: Almost a quarter of infections worldwide are in the US

Almost a quarter of the infected with monkeypox around the world are in the United States, when the North American country exceeded 4,639 cases this Wednesday, July 27.

The figure was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which contrast with the 20 thousand 638 cases of infected with the monkey pox virus Worldwide.

As of Tuesday, with 3,591 cases of monkeypox on July 26, the figure was already approaching almost a quarter of all those infected with monkeypox in the world.

The monkey pox virus what causes this ‘new’ smallpoxwas actually discovered on June 30, 1958, it was discovered in 150 monkeys from Singapore.

The United States with the most cases of monkeypox in the world

As with Covid-19, so far The United States has the highest number of monkeypox cases in the world.followed by Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

Spain is the second country with the most infected by monkeypox, and Europe as a whole is one of the regions that most concentrates the monkey pox virus.

Countries with the highest Monkeypox infections worldwide
countriesMonkeypox infected
USA4 thousand 638
Spain3 thousand 738
Germany2 thousand 459
United Kingdom2 thousand 432
Francethousand 837

The US entities with the most infected are New Yorkwhich concentrates the largest number of cases with 1228.

Other entities in the United States in which caution should be exercised are California with 799 infected and Illinois with 385, according to the US CDC.

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Another 4 states in the country have already exceeded 200 infected, while 5 more entities already exceed 100 infected with the virus. monkeypox virus smallpox.