Monkeypox is also spread by air, just like COVID-19

The spread of monkey pox It has worried the World Health Organization (WHO) because there is little information regarding this disease. It was recently discovered that in addition to contact between body fluids and rubbing against skin lesions, the virus also circulates in the air.

There is fear that it could become a second great pandemic, as happened with COVID-19, since there are specific cases of patients who did not have direct contact with the patient and were diagnosed with the same condition.

Some countries have already confirmed the local transmission of this smallpox, which put the whole of Europe on alert due to its ease of contagion and skin lesions.

Monkeypox circulates in the air

The spread of the disease is increasingly through more routes In some cases it can be lethal

The new guidelines imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that the so-called “simian pox” can be spread through aerosols, something very similar to the coronavirus, although this mode of transmission is rare.

Guidelines for travelers have been specified in order to protect themselves from the disease and among the conditions to be able to move from one place to another, is the use of a mask, which can protect from many diseases.

Although the measure was withdrawn by health organizations, some countries do recommend the use of masks to prevent the spread of this and other diseases.

How dangerous is monkeypox?

In some cases it can be fatal

Some people with this condition develop bacterial infections of the skin and lungs. It may be milder than smallpox, but it can cause death, although it should be noted that no fatalities were reported in the 2003 outbreak.

Although the disease has been around for a long time, there is no cure for monkeypox and it is what has the whole world most concerned, since medicines may take time to be created.

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