Monkeypox: Peru records first death from virus infection

Peru.- After having tested positive for monkeypox, a 45-year-old person lost his life in Peruthis being the first death that the South American country registers due to contagion of said disease.

According to what was disclosed by local media, the person in question arrived at the Two of May HospitalLocated in Limewhere the patient suffered a septic shock derived from the contagion of monkeypox.

About the case, Dr. Eduardo Farfandirector of the aforementioned hospital center, announced that the person who died after being infected with monkeypox had HIVtreatment that he had stopped for months, so he was a vulnerable patient.

“He is a patient who arrived with HIV disease and septic shock and was hospitalized, but after his complications we had to send him to the ICU. He was extremely serious, the medical history is that he suffered from HIV, but what worsened his condition the most was septic shock, he had generalized sepsis, ”explained the health professional.

Farfán specified that, upon arrival at the hospital, the person already had a serious level of skin lesions, in addition to having lung problemshence in the intensive care unit he was immediately intubated.

“The patient arrived in serious condition with injuries at the skin level, he had several entry points for germs, he had lung problems, which is why he was managed at the ICU level and he was intubated, but he was highly infected,” he said.

After the death of said patient, the Peruvian doctor made it clear that monkeypox can be quickly reversed. However, he noted, the problem with this patient was HIV that was no longer being treated.

“This disease is rapidly reversible (monkey pox), the problem that has happened with this person is that he had other morbidities such as HIV. He had stopped taking the treatment required for this type of patient, he was highly infected and the germs had spread through the skin, he had lung problems. He put it all together,” he said.

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To date, Peru, according to data from the Ministry of Health (Minsa), sum more than 300 positive cases of monkeypoxconcentrating the vast majority of these in the metropolitan area of ​​Lima.