Monkeypox Vaccine to be Released from US National Stockpile as Suspected Cases Reported in 5 States

The Washington State Department of Health is investigating a suspected case of monkey virus reported in King County in Seattle.

At the moment, Washington, Florida, New York, Massachusetts and Utah have reported suspected cases, but the only state to have confirmed an infection was Massachusetts..

The United States is responding to a request to release monkeypox vaccine from the Strategic National Stockpile of the nation, reported ABC22.

The Two-dose Jynneos vaccine is licensed to prevent smallpox and specifically to prevent monkeypox in the U.S.

There are currently more than 1,000 doses available and the company is expected to increase production to generate more doses. in the country.

The United States has more than 100 million doses of another vaccine against smallpox that could also be used.

The infection in Seattle was first reported to local officials on Sunday, according to a written statement from Public Health-Seattle & King County.

Health officer Dr. Jeff Duchin said the person who might be infected is an adult male who traveled in the last month to a country that has had recent cases of monkeypox, Fox13 reported.

That person was not hospitalized and is isolated at home.

This comes after Florida authorities reported the first suspected case of the monkeypox virus in the state.

The case was found in Broward County and is related to international travel, according to a news release from health officials.

The person is currently in isolation.

There are no other cases in Florida at this time.

The Florida Department of Health in Broward County and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating the case.

Officials said cases of the monkeypox virus have been reported around the world since May 14 this year.

This comes days after the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene identified a possible case of the new virus at Bellevue Hospital.

According to the department, monkeypox is rare in the US and generally prevents a flu-like illness accompanied by swollen lymph nodes and a rash on the face and body.

“Department epidemiologists will follow up with anyone who may have been in contact with the patient while they were infectious,” a statement read.

On Wednesday, Massachusetts officials reported a case of the virus in a man who had recently visited Canada.

The man had been hospitalized but is in fair condition, authorities said.

The virus is generally confined to Africa and rare cases in the US Small numbers have been confirmed or suspected in the UK, Portugal and Spain.

U.S. officials are also questioning six people who were on a plane with a person who tested positive for the virus, however Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins University, said the likelihood of those people become infected is low.

“It spreads through close body contact,” Adalja said. “If they were on the same plane, I don’t necessarily think transmission would occur.”

Jennifer McQuiston of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said of the Massachusetts case: “I think we are preparing for the possibility of more cases.

Belgium recently became the first country in the world to introduce quarantine for monkeypox cases after recording three infections linked to a fetish festival.

Hours after Dr. Susan Hopkins of Public Health England said infections will rise, Belgium announced there will be a mandatory 21-day quarantine for anyone with the disease.

The country had three cases, all of which were recorded on Friday and are linked to the four-day Darklands Festival in the port city of Antwerp.

Organizers said: “There are reasons to suppose that the virus has been brought to the festival by visitors from abroad after recent cases in other countries.”

The virus can be significantly more damaging in young children, and a British boy who contracted the disease is reported to be fighting for his life in intensive care.

In an interview on the BBC, Dr Hopkins said: “We know from reports from Africa, where the disease has circulated in outbreaks for many years, that certain people are much more at risk of severe illness, including people who are immunocompromised or the little kids”.

“In adults, it’s relatively mild.”

But he said doctors are learning more every day, adding: “Clearly, this is a new infectious disease that we haven’t seen before in our community.”

“We will have to learn a lot about it in the coming weeks.”

“The risk to the general population remains extremely low,” he said, but added, “People need to be vigilant and we really want doctors to be vigilant.”

Initial symptoms include a viral illness, before a chickenpox-like rash spreads to parts of the body.

Anyone who feels sick should “stay home,” Dr. Hopkins said. “If you have a rash, seek medical attention immediately, either by calling your GP or a sexual health clinic,” he said.