Monse Medina offers to be the surrogate mother for Jomari Goyso, so that he can be a father

Jomari Goyso.

Photo: Latin Icons / Courtesy

Jomari Goyso has said on countless occasions that he would like to be a fatherHowever, the famous host of Sal y Pimienta and Sin Rollo on Univision does not have a romantic partner. He has also said on several occasions that he wouldn’t mind adopting, however the process is not easy or straightforward.

In the present, Jomari is one of the favorite uncles of the children of his “sisters in life”, Francisca Lachapel, Jacky Bracamontes and Pamela Silva, among others.

This week Univision’s fashion critic shared a video in which he appears giving pachita to little Gennaro, Francisca’s son. For the publication he exposed the following thought: “How quickly time passes when something good comes into your life! Already a year! I can’t believe it happened so fast. God protect your destiny beautiful nephew! #happybirthday @gennarozampogna“.

Due to this video, Monse Medina, also the presenter of the Sin Rollo panel -a special space of Despierta América-, dedicated the following message to his friend Jomari Goyso: “You shine! I rent my belly 😂😂😂 hbd @gennarozampogna“. 64 likes received Medina’s words.

The response from the fans was immediate and they told him: “I’m sure he would be a very cute boy”, “Beautiful 😍 how cute 🙌 I admire you more”, “I’m sure he’ll be a good father. Nice gesture from you Monse”.

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