Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak already has a release date and a new trailer

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the famous video game which recently unveiled its release date with an exciting new trailer, proving that it will be the game’s biggest expansion yet.

From what can be seen in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak new trailer, offers a look at history, Elgado’s operations center, monsters, abilities; in addition to giving the release date.

The long-awaited game Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be available on June 30, 2022 for both Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, worldwide.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer

It has also been announced that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can now be released in two versions, the standard and the digital deluxe special, the latter of which will include extra content such as armor sets, emotes, and hairstyles.

As if that were not enough, the Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak set will be available, which includes the standard edition of Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion, designed for all those who do not have the base game.

Players who pre-order any version of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will receive the “Faithful Dog” and “Striped Cat” armor sets for companions Canyne and Felyne.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak What is it about?

monster hunter

If we remember Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is an addition that expands the original story of the Capcom title, located exactly after the end of the first game.

In this video game called Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, players must go to Elgado, in order to seek help so that the Village of Kamura survives after the devastation it suffered during “The Frenzy”.

However, things will not be so easy in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, as the peace of the entire Kingdom will be threatened by the arrival of new creatures known as “The Three Lords”.

These monsters are something never seen before and will be the main threat of ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’; we are talking about the beasts Garangolm, Lunagaron and the Elder Dragon Malzeno.

It is noted that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak does not change much from its base game in concept, Capcom promises a renewed experience with these new monsters and avatar abilities.

It should be noted that in addition to the fact that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is expected to receive good support for a long time until a new expansion or edition of the title arrives.

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