Monterrey wakes up to a narco-message and a victim from the Northeast cartel, threatening anyone who oppose them

A narco-specific scene unfolds in Monterrey as a cartel uses a murder victim to deliver a threat and foreboding message.

A narco-message signed by the Northeast Cartel was left with a body in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. In the threatening message, it can be read that people who are against the criminal group should align themselves.

On the body, it can be seen that it was a man whose hands were tied behind his back, and he also had a garment covering his eyes. Early reports indicated that the body no longer had vital signs when it was found.

The discovery was made on Monday, July 10, and the message and body images were shared on social networks. In other images that circulated on networks, it could be seen that the body was also found with his feet tied.

Hasta el momento no se ha dado a conocer la identidad de la víctima 
(Foto: Twitter/@illicitinv)
So far, the victim’s identity has not been released (Photo: Twitter/@illicitinv).

While the text threatened that what was exposed would happen to people who are against the criminal group, at the top was the cartel’s acronym, and later it could be read:

“This goes for everyone, whoever is against the Northeast Cartel, it is better that they align themselves or they will be executed […] we already have them located, signs CDN/Z” (sic), said the tarp left with the body.

So far, the victim’s identity has not been released, and it is worth remembering that just last week, several bodies were found that, according to unofficial reports, would have links to the Northeast Cartel.

Violence in nuevo leon: six corpses found

The bodies of four men and two women who had been tortured and executed in Apodaca, Nuevo León, were found in the early hours of July 4.

Authorities received a report of gunshots in the area at approximately 2:30 a.m. When the uniformed officers arrived, they found the six bodies, all showing signs of torture and a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

En el torso de una de las víctimas había un tatuaje alusivo al Cártel del Noreste
(Foto: Especial)
On the torso of one of the victims, there was a tattoo alluding to the Northeast Cartel (Photo: Especial).

In addition to shell casings, there was also a person who had a tattoo on his ribs. It was the initials of the Northeast Cartel with a crown on the top, while some versions suggested that bags of drugs with the same image had been found at the site.

After these details were revealed, there was speculation that those executed could have been related to organized crime, but this version has not been corroborated.

Several arrests linked to drug trafficking in Nuevo León

Another action that took place in Nuevo Leon was the capture of several subjects identified as a criminal cell. Among those arrested was the alleged leader of the group, identified as Juan “N.”

Los sujetos fueron asegurados en la colonia Ferrocarrilera
The subjects were captured in the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood (Photo: Twitter/@SSeguridadNL).

Along with this person were captured Marco “N” and Francisco Everardo “N,” 49 years old; Francisco “N,” 56 years old and Reynaldo “N,” 37 years old. The authorities also indicated that the subjects were part of a cartel that has a national presence without specifying the name of the criminal organization.

The individuals carried several doses of possible drugs, a short weapon, cash, a gram scale, and several cell phones. For its part, several organized crime groups operate in Nuevo Leon: the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG), the Sinaloa Cartel, the Northeast Cartel, the Gulf Cartel, and the Beltran Leyva Cartel, according to newspaper reports from 2021.

While only two of the aforementioned criminal groups have a national presence, according to research by AC Consultores, the so-called Four Letter Cartel and the Pacific Cartel operate in most of the country, with 28 and 24 entities, respectively.