Morat launches “Llamada errada”, a guide on “how to be the worst ex-partner”

Madrid. The Colombian pop band Morat has published today the song “Llamada errada”, which they define as “a guide on how to be the worst ex-partner in the world”, and in which they bet on a minimalist and eighties sound set in a video clip recorded in Madrid.

It is a preview of what will be his fourth studio work, according to the record company Universal Music Spain, and marks a new stage in the career of the Colombian team characterized by an artistic maturity and a renewed image, as shown in the video clip directed by Mendo.

In it, the band appears inside an abandoned house with little light and with black clothes, a darkness that contrasts with the use of more vivid colors that the band has shown in previous videos.

Some members can also be seen wandering around the house while meeting people who are unaware of their presence, something that is closely related to the theme of “Missed Call”.

In the song, Morat talks about relationships that end when there are still things to say: “Missed Call is a guide on how to be the worst ex-partner in the world and is dedicated to all the people who were left with things to say when a relationship ended. “, comments the group in the press release.

The new song has been composed by Morat together with Colombian producers Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torre, who together with the band’s guitarist and singer, Juan Pablo Isaza (Bogotá, 1994), have been in charge of the production work.

The group has recorded the instruments in the Big Bag Sound studio in Los Angeles and the voices in Bogotá.

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Formed in 2011, Morat is one of the most successful Latin American pop groups of the moment, as evidenced by their two diamond albums, fifty platinum albums and their eleven sold-out concerts at Mexico‘s National Auditorium during their last tour.

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