More than 40% of the new stores that are opening in the US are dollar stores

More than 40% of the new stores that are opening in the US are dollar stores

An estimated 4,000 dollar stores will open in 2021.

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If you are a regular consumer of dollar stores, you better get used to the idea that you will be seeing more and more. And is that the three main chain stores, which are Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar have been able to overcome the coronavirus crisis and have even prospered.

It should be noted that Dollar General opened 1,000 new stores last year and has another 1,050 that are due to open in 2021. Dollar Tree, which also owns Family Dollar, also added 500 new stores in 2020 and plans to open 600 more in this year. anus.

This growth has been very impressive taking into account the times of crisis that we are currently experiencing, but it is also making small businesses nervous that will now have greater competition, in addition to the fact that they have not been able to grow so fast.

Coresight Research, a company that tracks store openings and closings in the US, reported that approximately 3,300 stores of all types opened in 2020, and an estimated 4,000 will open in 2021. That adds up to 7,300 new stores in two years. and 3150 of them, or 43%, are dollar stores, according to data from the Money portal.

In 2020, specialists calculated that there would be as many as 25,000 permanent store closures in the US, but there were only 9,000.

About the boom in dollar stores during the pandemic, it is because shoppers flocked to these businesses, as stores began offering food and beverages to make them cheaper alternatives to Walmart and other supermarkets.

However, it should be noted that dollar store products are not always the cheapest, since, although they have a lower price, many times they also give you less, so in the long run they are more expensive. In addition, the products are usually of a lower quality than those found in other stores.

Other critics of dollar stores say they are bad for neighborhoods as they bankrupt area businesses.

Currently, between the top three dollar store chains there are around 33,000 locations, which are more than CVS, Walmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, Albertsons, Aldi, Target and Costco have combined.

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