Morgan Daub’s prophetic YouTube video foreshadowed the tragic end of a family suicide pact in York, Pennsylvania

Deborah Daub, 59; James Daub, 62; and Morgan Daub, 26, were found dead in their backyard on the morning of January 25 after a neighbor reported hearing gunshots before midnight.
  1. The Daub family of three in Pennsylvania was found dead in a suspected suicide pact in their backyard near York on January 25, 2023.
  2. Each family member left behind letters detailing their decision to end their lives and expressing their reasons.
  3. The death of Deborah, James, and Morgan Daub was confirmed to be a result of a murder-suicide, with Deborah killing James and Morgan killing Deborah before taking her own life.

Police in southeastern Pennsylvania is investigating an alleged suicide pact between a woman and her parents, including a chilling letter left by the mother.

Deborah Daub, 59; James Daub, 62; and Morgan Daub, 26, were found lifeless in the backyard of their home near York, Pennsylvania, on Jan. 25 in the morning after a neighbor reported hearing gunshots before midnight, Fox News reported.

Detectives with the West Manchester Township Police Department noted that a letter written by Deborah Daub detailed an alleged decision by her, her husband, and her daughter to end their lives.

The letter, which was signed on Jan. 19, 2023, discusses the “evil that has been mounted against Morgan and the family,” but no further details were provided, police said.

Other letters written by Morgan and James Daub expressed the decision to take his own life. Suicide notes signed by the parents were also found.

One of James’s letters, dated January 24, 2023, states, “With only two guns and me trembling, my wife Debbie pulled the trigger for me.” In the same missive, Deborah noted, “I was too shaky, so my daughter pulled the trigger for me.”

Investigators added that the documents written by Morgan Daub contained a multi-page checklist that appeared to contain preliminary steps before taking her own life. The steps outlined in the checklist highlighted “talking to dad, clipping the dog’s nails, letters to family, etc.”

According to police, Deborah Daub shot and killed her husband, then was shot to death by Morgan Daub, who then committed suicide, a fact confirmed by a forensic examination.

Morgan appeared months before taking her own life in a bizarre YouTube video in which she claimed to be a “prophet of the Most High God,” adding that she was abdicating the throne of England and the United Kingdom.

Written documents left behind by each family member detailed that Morgan told his mother he was having auditory hallucinations that were not improving, Detective Timothy Fink told the York Dispatch.