Mother and daughter are taken from Southwest Airlines plane by shouting for aisle seats

Mother and daughter are taken from Southwest Airlines plane by shouting for aisle seats

The passengers were removed from the Southwest plane for bad behavior.

Photo: DANIEL SLIM / AFP / Getty Images

A mother and daughter were pulled from a Southwest Airlines plane after one of them yelled at other passengers to demand that they leave their aisle seats.

A video posted on TikTok on July 15 shows the altercation in a Sacramento to San Diego, California flight.

In the pictures, that already exceed 600,000 views and the 50,000 “likes”, the person who recorded the video identifies the other like “Karen” and “Karen 2.0”.

The term “Karen” is applied on social media to American women with inappropriate verbal discharges in public spaces from their racially privileged position.

The recording of @official_norcal_mom begins after the duo asked other travelers to move so they could sit in the aisle seats. Faced with the refusal of the others, mother and daughter began to yell at those present.

Next, one of the rowdies stopped in the hall and addressed a stewardess.

“We cannot have anyone yelling,” as there are families and children on the flight, said the flight attendant.

In response, one of the two indicates that it was trying to make an announcement.

Southwest Airlines has a “select your seat” policy. that allows passengers to take any chair that is available when boarding the plane.

Another crew member asks him to move to the bridge that connects the planes to the boarding gate. To which the daughter indicates that her mother is going to scream and cry so that they give her the seat she demands.

Finally, the women were taken off the plane and they leave with their luggage and the background applause of the rest of the passengers, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Southwest Airlines has yet to respond to media requests about the incident.

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