Mother of 5 Murdered in 2015 Bronx Shooting; Suspect Indicted 9 Years Later

A mother of five is fatally shot in her Bronx apartment, suspected as a victim of a local gang dispute.

In March 2015, 41-year-old Michelle Cox was fatally shot in the back of the head inside her Bronx apartment building while returning from a store. She was a mother of five and worked as a security guard. Police believe the homicide was part of a local gang dispute.

Nearly a decade later, 34-year-old LaSalle Herman has now been indicted for Cox’s murder. Herman is currently being held in federal prison on an extortion charge.

Details of the Shooting

On the evening of March 4, 2015, Cox was walking up a flight of stairs to her apartment on Webster Avenue when she was shot in the back of the head. She died at the scene. At the time, detectives considered the possibility that Cox was targeted by the father of one of her children but eventually determined she was killed due to perceived gang ties, which her family disputes.

The Aftermath

Cox left behind five young children, who were effectively orphaned by her death. The victim’s relatives initially believed it was a case of mistaken identity but were relieved to hear of progress in the case 9 years later.

“We’re happy to see some progress on this front. We still need answers to so many questions,” said Ryann Solomon, 49, Cox’s legal partner. “Nothing can bring her back, but there is some relief to see some progress. We are grateful to the police and detectives because, after all, they didn’t forget about Michelle.”

Solomon insisted that Cox had no gang involvement herself.

The Suspect

Detectives have not revealed a connection between Herman and Cox or provided a motive. According to police sources, the two did not know each other. Herman is accused of fatally shooting Cox but maintains the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

A Similar Case

In a comparable tragedy last April, 45-year-old Bronx school teacher Kimberly Midgette was murdered while driving on Long Island with her young child in the car. Police believe she was the random victim of a gang shooting. Three suspects have been arrested so far in that active case.