Mother of boy found in Las Vegas freezer spent time in handcuffs and under death threats

Brandon Lee Toseland hid the body of his partner’s son in a freezer.

Photo: Clark County Detention Center/Courtesy

A few days after it became known that the Las Vegas police found the body of a minor inside a freezer, the mother of the deceased (whose name has not been revealed because she is a victim of sexual abuse) narrated the physical abuse to which she was subjected for months.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, the lawyer for the minor’s mother, Stephen Stubbs, pointed out that his client lived for months under the yoke of her sentimental partner, where he had to endure physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Stephen Stubbs also revealed that Brandon Lee Toseland, 35, he told her that he would kill her son, her daughter and her If at any time it crossed your mind to abandon it.

“There was never a time when her daughter was with her, that she was not locked in the room, tied up or handcuffed,” the lawyer said of the “hell” his client experienced.

Among the most intimate details of this couple, the lawyer revealed that his client and Toseland met through the woman’s late husbandwho died in 2021, and two months later she got together with the man who became her executioner.

Meanwhile, an arrest report, Toseland said he informed his partner that his son was dead. and that he would not allow him to see the body because he would lose his freedom.

Las Vegas police officers arrested Brandon Lee Toseland after he the mother secretly asked her daughter to share a note with her teacher that she managed to write during one of the trips she made in the company of her partner aboard a vehicle.

The woman told her lawyer that in the car he found a pen and a notepad there she wrote that she was being held at her will. In the note she also indicated that her mother had not been able to see her son since last December and she believed that he was dead.

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