Mother of child found dead in Texas home with her siblings received $ 2,000 a month in government checks for childcare

Little Kendrick Lee had been dead for almost a year in the home he shared with his three brothers in Texas.

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The mother of the child under 8, whose skeletal remains were found in a home shared with three siblings in Texas, collected government assistance checks for the boy even though he was dead.

A report this week from the Houston Chronicle indicates that Gloria Williams, facing multiple charges in connection with the death of Kendrick Lee, He received help from the Government that is supposed to be for the care of the minor for several months after the death.

Monthly, the woman received about $ 2,000, although it is not clear for how long he continued to collect the government aid, and if the previous amount corresponded to all the children or only the deceased.

Following the beating that culminated in the boy’s death, Williams and her boyfriend, Brian Coulter, who is facing murder charges, left the apartment and left the children, ages 15, 10, and 7, living alone for about a year. next to the corpse of the victim.

The oldest of the minors alerted the authorities on October 24 to the remains of his brother, and said that it would have been murder by blows by the stepfather.

The children had witnessed not only the deadly attack, also the decomposition of his brother’s little body until they are in bones.

The mother faces accusations related to negligence in the care of minors, among others.

The woman confessed to investigators that she witnessed part of the attack but did not report it to police because her boyfriend told her not to do it and because she was afraid of going to jail and losing custody, KTRK TV reported.

When Harris County officers arrived at the apartment at West Oaks Apartments, they confirmed that the space had no power and that the children were malnourished.

The three surviving minors remain in the custody of the Child Protective Services.

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