Mother of daughter who disappeared 14 years ago asks teenager for DNA tests

In Argentina a woman lived disappearance of his daughter, an experience that any mother would not wish to have.

the smallest call Sofia Herrera who was three years old at the time, would have today 17 yearsas well as a teenager who has been asked for proof of DNA to make sure whether or not it is the missing girl.

The woman explained that a citizen let her know by message of the existence of the adolescent in the city of San Juan.

This is how the mother of the missing daughter received the report

María Elena Delgado and Fiaban Herrera are the parents of Sofía Herrera, a three-year-old girl who disappeared in the 2008 when i was so only 3 years.

The couple says that the events took place in Land of Fire in Argentina, when the family went camping and their daughter walked away without both noticing until they saw her around.

Since that day when the minor’s loss was reported, nothing has been heard from Sofía, until a few hours ago when María Delgado received a message from a woman who claims to have seen a teenager very similar to Sofia.

According to the person who contacted the mother, the girl is the same age as her missing daughter and was even adopted by a family.

The family immediately made the report demanding DNA tests from the teenager to find out if they have any kind of relationship with her and to find out if it is her daughter or not.

With the help of the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandez An investigation was started to obtain the DNA evidence of the young woman similar to Sofía Herrera.

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What is meant by disappearance?

The disappearance deprives the rights of a person

The disappearance of a person is considered a crime in case another individual is responsible for the crime.

The disappearance can be considered at the time of an arrest, detention or deprivation of liberty caused by any person regardless of their social status or other factors.

In the case of a disappearance, the human rights that are affected are the right to freedom, security, not to be subjected to acts that physically and mentally harm the person, the right to protection, health, education and in certain cases The right to life.

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