Mother of two stabbed in the neck and killed during a domestic fight on Holland Ave. in Allerton, The Bronx

Shaheene Ahmad's arrests follow Zariah Hayes' fatal stabbing in the Bronx, highlighting rising domestic violence concerns in New York.

On Thursday night in an apartment on Holland Ave. in Allerton, the Bronx, an argument turned fatal, taking the life of Zariah Hayes, a young mother of two. As the dispute reached its violent climax, Hayes’ two children, aged 2 and 5, sought refuge in another room.

Hayes, 23, had been separated from her boyfriend, Shaheene Ahmad, 35, but decided to return to his apartment that evening, accompanied by her mother and children. The details remain hazy, but shortly after her arrival, Hayes and Ahmad retreated to a bedroom where a disagreement spiraled into violence. Hayes was stabbed multiple times in the neck, as reported by the Daily News.

Police arriving on the scene found Ahmad standing over Hayes’ body. He was promptly arrested. Hayes, gravely injured, was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center but succumbed to her injuries. Ahmad, having sustained a hand injury during the altercation, was also taken to the same medical facility, as were Hayes’ mother and children, although they remained unharmed.

A concerned relative, who wished to remain anonymous, intervened amidst the chaos. The suspect’s sister, referring to Hayes as her “sister-in-law,” tried to provide immediate assistance by applying pressure to Hayes’ wounds while awaiting emergency responders. Mourning the loss, she recalled Hayes as a “beautiful young woman.”

Domestic violence in New York and Jersey

Such tragic incidents of domestic violence, though shocking, aren’t isolated in New York and Jersey. The narrative is sadly familiar, with disputes between partners, family members, and roommates often taking a deadly turn.

  • Earlier this month, a young Hispanic man faced a 24-year sentence after admitting to killing his girlfriend, Michelle Paola Castillo Siguencia.
  • Julio Aponte, a 65-year-old former NYPD transit officer, was recently convicted for the public killing of his wife at a Manhattan bus stop.
  • August witnessed the fatal shooting of a mother by the father of her daughters in the Bronx and a family murder-suicide in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
  • Brooklyn has seen its share of horror too, with a toddler beaten to death by his stepfather and a mother attacked fatally by her roommate, leaving her children seriously injured.
  • Cases from 2020 include Carmelo Mendoza, who pleaded guilty to stabbing his wife in Queens, and Cesar Santana, charged with the murder of his former partner in Jersey City.
  • 2019 saw a Queens Uber driver, Carmen Iris Santiago, fatally attacked by her estranged husband at her workplace.

Reaching out for support

The constant thread of violence underscores the urgent need for intervention and support. If you or someone you know is facing domestic violence or needs assistance:

  • Call 988 or 1.888.NYCWELL (1.888.692.9355)
  • Text “WELL” to 65173
  • Visit NYC Well for more resources.