Mother Posts Bail for Her Son to Get Out of Jail in Michigan; he stabs her and kills her girlfriend and stepfather two days later

Jonathan Welch faces multiple criminal charges in Michigan.

Photo: Detroit Police Department/Courtesy

A Michigan man is back in jail accused of murdering his girlfriend and her stepfather shortly after they were released on bail.

Jonathan Welch, 23, is now accused in addition to stabbing his mother with a butcher knife, the one he paid to bail out of jail; and throwing her 1-year-old son out of a window.

Two days after being released from the Wayne County Jail With an electronic shackle, Welch committed the alleged acts.

Since mid-June, the man had been detained on various charges for having sexually assaulted his partner in early June. Last Friday he was released on bail.

On Sunday, police responded to Welch’s mother’s home in Harper Woods where he was staying.

Authorities said the defendant stabbed his 42-year-old mother several times in the back.

Both his girlfriend, Zlayiah Frazier, 22, and stepfather Robert Bray, 70, died of blunt force trauma from the blows receivedaccording to the ABC Detroit report.

In the scene, agents located Welch’s 1-year-old boywhich he would have thrown into the courtyard of the house through a window.

He was taken to a hospital for treatment. His health condition is unclear.
Frazier was the little boy’s mother.

While he was barricaded inside the house, the man fired several times at the officers. She also shot inside the house before leaving through the front door.

Welch was indicted Tuesday on new charges following the double murder..

Now face two counts of first-degree murder, four counts of assault with attempted murderone second-degree arson, seven felonious assault, and six
felony unlawful possession of a firearm.