Mother went to the beach, drowned her three children and ended up confessing it in tears

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United States.- This Monday morning three corpses of minors were found on Coney Island Beach, in New York, allegedly killed by their mother.

According to what was announced by local media, during the morning of this day, the lifeless bodies of 3 infants aged 7 and 4, as well as a baby as young as three months.

Previously, the minors had been reported missing to the emergency services of the American city.

Meanwhile, as revealed by Associated Press, the mother of the three children was apprehended by the security authorities since she is considered the main suspect in the death of the children.

On the other hand, media such as New York Post have made public knowledge that, according to unofficial versions, the woman would have confessed to her relatives that she had drowned her three minor children.

For its part, according to what is referred to in a report from the New York Police Department (NYPD), around 1:40 a.m. this Monday, a 911 call from a relative of the arrested woman, who mentioned suspecting the female by pointing out that she could have harmed the children.

After that, elements of the New York agency arrived at the address indicated by the person, located on Avenida Neptune of Brighton Beach, where the 30-year-old mother lived with her three children.

Inside the house was a man who identified as the children’s father. The individual mentioned that perhaps the woman could be found somewhere in Coney Island.

After an hour and a half of searching, the minors’ mother was located while wandering without shoes and drenched in water along the Coney Island boardwalk and the intersection of 6th Street. In addition to this, her female was intoxicated. At first, she did not say anything to the agents. She transcended, in turn, that she has a history of mental health problems.

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Moments later, the boys’ bodies were found along the shoreline on West 35th Street, just three blocks from where they lived. The discovery occurred around 4:40 in the morning.