Mother who threw her hours-old baby in a bag from an apartment complex in Kentucky faces 40 years in prison

Amber Lashae Bowling, 25, pleaded guilty Monday to the death of her newborn baby.

Photo: Clay County Detention Center/Courtesy

Woman who threw her newborn baby pleaded guilty of the events on the same day that the trial against him in Kentucky was supposed to begin.

Amber Lashae Bowling, 25, pleaded guilty Monday. After the guilty plea, the woman is exposed to 40 years in prisonaccording to the WKYT report.

The victim was found dead in a garbage bag among leaves at an apartment complex on the morning of December 11, 2018.

A neighbor, identified as Paul Herd, was returning home from a night shift when he ran into the remains of the baby who was only an hour oldreported Law & Crime.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Lloyd Cochran of the Kentucky State Police Patrol after reporting the find. “It boggles your mind to think about who could have done this and why,” Cochran added at the time. There is no data on the motivations of the mother to commit the crime.

The woman’s neighbors allegedly They didn’t know Bowling was pregnant..

The female was arrested at her apartment. She this she would have given birth on December 9 of that year.

After delivery, the woman placed the child in a bag and he threw it from the second floor of the residential complex.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 27.

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