Mountain Dew offers $ 5,000 and a Polaris Ranger for working outdoors

Nature lovers who wish to be a ranger can apply from now until January 14.

Photo: PepsiCo / Courtesy

Mtn Dew partners with Doe Mountain Recreation Area and plans the Mtn Dew Outpost opening, an outdoor recreational area. The brand is requesting a need a ranger to monitor the area for a week, offers a juicy of $ 5,000 and more.

It is about 8,600 acres of recreational wilderness area which is located outside of the city of Mountain City, Tennessee. It will open in the spring of 2022.

The new Mtn Dew Outpost Recreation Area is a tribute to the drink’s name and its roots in the Smoky Mountains. There are hiking trails, ATV bike trails, and ATV trails. There is also a brand new archery range, mountain lookouts, and fire towers to watch.

Mtn Dew announces that he is looking for “A nature fanatic to spread his passion for nature among other Doe Mountain visitors.”

Ranger responsibilities include greeting mountain visitors, riding an ATV over 60+ miles of trails, leading hikes and nature walks, and working alongside the local community to beautify and trim trails.

The Mtn Dew Outpost Ranger will receive a one-time payment of $ 5,000, you will have an exclusive DEW branded ranger uniform and access to exclusive and unreleased DEW products. The ranger too You will receive a new Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Premium.

The selected one will make a one-week trip with all expenses paid to the new post at Mtn Dew, “a unique (and temporary) destination hidden deep in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee”

The ranger will have a recreational vehicle equipped for his mountain lodging provided by RVshare.

Those interested in being the Ranger for Mtn Dew You can apply from now until January 4 at

Mtn Dew notes that new activities and features in the Doe Mountain Activity Area will produce sustainable jobs for the local community and generate the funds necessary to sustain these activities for the long term.

The contribution to Doe Mountain is part of the $ 1.25 million Mtn Dew has donated in total this year to fuel outdoor passions across the country.

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