Mourning in kickboxing: the world champion who was declared anti-vaccine passed away

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

Frederic Sinistra, three-time world kickboxing champion and recognized anti-vaccine against COVID-19, died of coronavirus at home after being discharged from the hospital.

Sinistra, dubbed “the strongest man in Belgium”, He died at the age of 41 at his home in Ciney (Belgium), after deciding to treat COVID-19 on his own at home.

The fighter entered the hospital on November 26, forced by his coach, due to the aftermath of the virus and entered intensive care. During his stay in the hospital, the fighter shared several images in which the critical condition of Sinistra is observed.

The Belgian media assured that Sinistra asked to be released from the hospital by signing the voluntary discharge on December 13. Two days later he died after suffering cardiac arrest. His wife reported the death via Facebook and assured that it was not due to COVID-19.

“My husband has not died of Covid. I would never have accepted that what happened to him was used to spread fear and demand vaccination, “said the athlete’s wife.

In addition, in his message, he also blamed the “sensationalist” media and relatives of Sinastra for taking the opportunity to send a message against COVID-19.

“The tabloid press and some of their relatives are happy on social networks since my silence and absence comes from my pain, not from fear or lack of answers to all these people who say they have met my husband,” he concluded.