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Last minute. The daughter of the Mexican singer, Alejandra Guzmán, Frida Sofía is in mourning for the death of her sister Natasha Moctezuma, this was announced by the Mexican magazine TvNotes Through her social networks, the young woman died on September 2, her causes are still unknown.


In the midst of a legal battle against her maternal grandfather, the singer Enrique Guzmán, for allegedly having touched him improperly when he was just 5 years old, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, Frida Sofía, is involved in another terrible tragedy, at make it known that his stepsister, Natasha Moctezuma has just passed away at a very young age.

Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha

Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha
PHOTO: Instagram

According to the magazine TvNotes, It was reported that currently Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, Frida Sofía is going through an extremely sad time for her and her family, since the death of her sister Natasha Moctezuma, daughter of Pablo Moctezuma, Frida’s father, and Beatriz was announced. Pasquel.

According to the Mexican portal, Natasha died this September 2, who despite the fact that the causes of her death are not known, it was reported that the influencer’s sister was fighting a disease, which directly affected her lung, and according to unveiled in 2017, he also suffered from epilepsy.

She was positive about the disease; Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha

She was positive about the disease;  Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha
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The portal TvNotes, He commented that a year ago, Natasha Moctezuma, Frida Sofía’s sister, was very positive about her disease, commenting through her social networks that she would fight her condition until she was not well off it, arguing that she believed in her and that I always would:

“Today more than ever I believe in myself, in my ability, and in my talent for languages, in my security and love for me, in my strength, because life has put me many health tests and I have beaten everything, because I know that I will continue to beat him ”, wrote at that time the sister of Frida Sofía, who unfortunately passed away on September 2.

“You are my favorite person in the whole universe”; Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha

"You are my favorite person in the whole universe";  Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha
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TvNotes, He also brought out the words that Frida Sofía, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, had dedicated to her sister before her death was known, arguing that Natasha Moctezuma was undoubtedly her favorite person in the whole world, arguing that in her she always saw a consolation due who listened to her and never judged her:

In her Instagram account, accompanied by several photographs of them, the Mexican wrote: “Beautiful… you have taught me SO MUCH about life… you are my FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, you are the strongest, the most intelligent, the most generous and you have such a big heart and full of PURE love! ”.

“Thank you for always having been there”; Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha

"Thank you for always being there";  Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha
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Finally, Frida Sofía thanked her sister Nataha Moctezuma at that time for always having been with her in her most difficult moments, arguing that it had been an honor to have her as a sister: I admire you for being so noble and for always being by my side ! For listening to me and for NEVER JUDGING ME… you are my strength and it is an HONOR AND GIFT FROM GOD TO HAVE YOU AS MY SISTER! I love you mushroom ”.

These beautiful words that Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter dedicated to her sister obtained almost more than 20 thousand likes, and endless comments, where even Natasha’s mother, Beatriz Pasquel, commented that she loved seeing them always so together and united: “How divine my life, I love you and I love your brotherhood”, unfortunately today his death would be announced.

Natasha Moctezuma’s parents; Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister

Natasha Moctezuma's parents;  Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister
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Formula Radio comments that Natasha Moctezuma, Frida Sofia’s sister, is the daughter of Alejandra Guzmán’s ex-partner, Pablo Moctezuma, who married Beatriz Pasquel, who is considered a very reserved person, however, she is one of the most famous socialites in Mexico, because according to the portal she is friends with the singer Paulina Rubio.

On the other hand, the medium comments that the love story between Pablo and Beatriz began after the breakup between him and Alejandra Guzmán, after the businessman met Beatriz again and they decided to give themselves a chance in love, bringing with them to life Natasha, Emiliano and Beatriz, these are also Frida Sofía’s brothers. Filed Under: Frida Sofía in mourning after the death of her sister Natasha

They tell Frida Sofía that her cousin Michelle Salas is prettier and she responds unexpectedly

Alejandra Guzman
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Frida Sofia comparison Michelle. It seems that the daughter of the singer Alejandra Guzmán lives surrounded by controversies, recently her interview with People magazine was revealed where she talked about her childhood, life with her mother, how the reunion with her father has been, and of course the problem He is currently facing due to the legal conflict that exists between his mother and grandfather, whom he sued for violence and abuse.

But this time, Frida Sofía puts a stop to her social networks due to the harassment that has been generated and the constant comparisons that exist between her and her cousin, Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas, with whom she has already had problems in the past by the press and users on social networks, who have spoken of both young people on different occasions.

Frida Sofía is compared to Michelle Salas … again

Alejandra Guzman
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The daughter of Pablo Moctezuma and Alejandra Guzmán attacked the users of the Instagram social network, who began to annoy after the photographs of Michelle Salas in Cannes, where the Pinal family did not miss the opportunity to mention how proud they felt of the young woman for to be making a career in the world of fashion and going so far.

Obviously when seeing the attacks that were taking place against her person, Frida Sofía sent a strong message, where she clarifies that they should compare her with people who do treat her cousin and not with her, with whom she has not spoken for years. But the situation did not happen there, but everything worsened when the young woman was labeled in a post in different media where she was branded as “controversial” for destroying her family.

The publication that ignited Frida Sofía

Alejandra Guzman
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It was the Telemundo account that uploaded a photograph showing Michelle Salas posing in a white dress that is considered a “bride”, looking radiant from her time at the Cannes Film Festival, with the caption: “Would you wear a wedding dress like the one that Michelle Salas took to the Cannes carpet ”, to which users quickly responded, praising the beauty of the young woman; but the situation got out of control with the comment of a follower.

The comment reads: “While she lives her happy life, her cousin spends her time destroying her life and that of her family. How sad is the life of @ FridaSofía “, obtaining the support of several, what he never imagined is that Frida would answer the post, commenting” Not all that glitters is gold “, generating that the controversy began to develop, since several Users started pointing out that she was just jealous that she was “better.”

“Leave the envy”

Alejandra Guzman
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The comments did not stop at the publication, but instead of stopping they began to multiply, making Frida see that she was only jealous that her family if they accepted her and cared for her, while with her they have been in trouble for more two years, when the relationship with Alejandra Guzmán worsened and the young woman decided to move away and talk about the family situation she was going through.

“Leave the envy girl and dedicate yourself to leave the show. And wanting to draw attention to force. Mature. ”,“ I sounded envious ”,“ You don’t like to make ugly comments and you leave your cousin commenting on you. ”,“ Envious, she doesn’t need a scandal to shine she’s a queen ”,“ you’ll never be like her, Envy corrodes you, she is beautiful, she does not need to be vulgar like you ”,“ You should be ashamed to give your opinion about your cousin, because there if there is class mija, copy !!! ”, were some of the comments they issued on social networks after Frida’s reply.

“Compare her with her sister”

PHOTO: Instagram

It was through her stories on Instagram that Frida Sofía expressed herself in the face of the attacks she received in the last hours from various users who tagged her non-stop in burlesque comments involving her cousin Michelle, so tired she decided to talk about the issue and send a strong message.

“And we return with the aggressions. They always make fun of me to compare myself to this woman, why do they tell me that I have to be like her? They don’t know either of them, we have nothing to do with each other. I have no relationship, compare her with her sister. It would make more sense, “she mentioned on Instagram Stories, attaching the posts where they have been bothering her.

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