Movie employee goes viral for demonstrating popcorn scam on TikTok

One of the things that can not be missing when you go to the movies is your good bag or jar of popcorn, accompanied by your favorite soda to enjoy that movie that you have waited for so long.

In the candy store you can find all kinds of bags and cans, of different sizes, of popcorn; Generally, most opt ​​for medium or large containers, since these are the ones that will yield the most for the approximately 2 hours that films usually last, although these have an extra cost.

But nevertheless, A video shared on TikTok has shown that you have most likely been scammed all this time regarding the subject of popcorn in the movies.

The account @ thatcoolguy.25597 shared a video where it demonstrates how the medium bag of popcorn and the small pot actually contain the same amount of product, although it seems that the second can fit more.

@ thatcoolguy.25597

If you’re at the movies just get a small or large no in between💀 #workingatthemovies #movies #comedy #funny #fyp #foryou

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The video, which now has more than 9.4 million views, has received a series of comments from completely outraged users, who assure that this “scam” should be investigated by the authorities, since on average, most have paid close to $ 2 more for the same amount of product.

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