MTV VMA: Madonna and Cyndi Lauper returned to recall the historic first installment of 1984

Apart from the endless number of contemporary pop stars who gathered yesterday Sunday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to enjoy a new edition of the MTV Video Music Awards -in a 2021 in which the music network is no less than 40 years old- the truth is that two of the great surprises that the event ended up offering had nothing to do with the awards that artists as popular as Justin Bieber, Doja cat or Lil Nas X.

Not at all, since the two main dishes of the night were served by two guests whose attendance was not announced until the hours immediately before the gala. Is about Madonna and of Cyndi lauper, two musical figures generally historical but especially representative of the first years of the musical channel’s life. Both contributed to perfecting that incipient culture of the video clip that was developing Mtv, as well as to consolidate the already unbreakable relationship between the purely sound proposal and the one represented by aesthetics in the pop world. Likewise, the two divas starred in the first award ceremony in 1984: the first opened the event with its unforgettable presentation of “Like a virgin”, emerging from a cake and dancing sensually in a wedding dress, while Cyndi was the big winner of the night thanks to her iconic single “Girls just wanna have fun”.

Despite the fact that they used to be compared a lot at that time for their wardrobe choices, their irreverent character and that rather hedonistic and carefree expression of their particular feminism, the truth is that the two singers, who now appeared separately at the event –Madonna was in charge of opening the ceremony and Cyndi presented the award for the best pop artist-, they made it clear that the passing of the years and the particular evolution of their respective careers have made them two extremely different women today.

The Queen of pop He once again made use of his particular crusade against those who demand that he behave like a woman of his age (63 years), although it is no longer known very well what that means in the XXI century, when he presented himself in the New York pavilion with a Very tight leather outfit, without forgetting some very obvious surgical touch-ups, reminiscent of his time of greatest sexual transgression in the nineties. His speech, as usual, was generally very self-referential, but neither did he deviate too much from a script that required at least the occasional “happy birthday” to the legendary network. “And they said we were not going to last,” he said. Madonna on the skepticism that both beginnings generated at the time.

For its part, Cyndi lauper He wanted to address himself directly to the new generations to transmit to them that eighties rebellion that encouraged so much to demolish the social and cultural conventions of the time. However, and far from assuming a mere exercise of nostalgia that would lead to unnecessary comparisons between one time and another, the artist adapted this attitude to the great challenges of the current era, which continues to be marked, to a large extent, by the necessary struggle in favor of equality between men and women. “Things are a little different now. Yes, girls want to have fun (referring to “Girls just wanna have fun”), but they also want to have equal pay, control over their own bodies and, you know, fundamental rights, ”he asserted combatively.

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