Much Neymar: Peru failed in its attempt to feat against Brazil

Much Neymar: Peru failed in its attempt to feat against Brazil

Photo: Nelson Almeida / AFP / Getty Images

Neymar Jr. was the obstacle of Peru In janeiro river. The Brazilian star achieved an assist and scored a goal to give Brazil the victory (2-0) and complicate the road to Qatar 2022 from The Red-White.

Brazil was not an overwhelming dominator. He deserved to win without more. Peru knew how to stand up and even fight for possession of the ball without going too far back on the field.

However, individual quality weighs more in close matches. At 15 ′, Neymar he recovered the ball in the red zone for Peru, entered the area and gave a death pass that Éverton Ribeiro concluded.

At 40 ′ the sentence arrived. NeymarAgain, it was perfectly well located: Peru could not reject a ball inside the area and after a couple of rebounds the PSG star only had to push it to make it 2-0 on the scoreboard.

To top it off, about the end of the match Neymar incurred in an unsportsmanlike action. He fought the ball with Alexander Callens and reacted with a bang. He won a yellow, insufficient for the purposes of the case.

For better and for worse, Neymar Jr. was Peru’s great obstacle at Maracana.

Brazil continued undefeated: 8 games and 24 points. For its part, Peru He is seventh in the South American Qualifiers, with eight units. The Red-White It is five points behind Colombia, a team that is currently in the playoff spot, the last chance to qualify for the World Cup.

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