Municipal austerity to pay Christmas bonuses in Othón P. Blanco

The municipal president of Othón P. Blanco, Yensunni Martínez Hernández, acknowledged that they have reduced the budget of all administrative directions to be able to comply with the payment of obligations end of the year for two thousand 600 municipal employees.

He stressed that it is a deep austerity program that allows to attend unavoidable commitments As the bonus, vacation premiums, savings and wages.

The Municipal President assured that they require, on average, 66 million pesos, since they must also carry out pending payments to suppliers, operating expenses and another series of expenditures.

We have to avoid resorting to requesting an advance on federal and state participations or short or long-term credits that could further complicate the financial situation of the City Council.

Yensunni Martínez made it clear that his intention is to face all closing costs with his own resources, hence the deep austerity program.

Generalized budget cut

Municipal austerity to pay Christmas bonuses in Othón P. Blanco.

We reduce budgets in all areas in order to be able to gather the 66 million pesos we need to meet the end-of-year commitments and not fail, above all, the workers.

He affirmed that there is confidence that the collection by payment of taxes such as the Property and municipal permits, will allow them to solve their obligations.

By the way, he recalled that practically half of the budget assigned for this fiscal year corresponds to the payment of the debt inherited by the last municipal administration and amounts to practically 550 million pesos.

He pointed out that Municipal Police, Civil Protection, Public Services and Firefighters are areas where budget cuts were not applied.