Murdered woman in Mexico City shooting identified as the niece of Unión Tepito’s Pancho Cayagua

Double homicide rocks Mexico City's Gustavo A. Madero district as niece of Unión Tepito's founder is a victim in violent pickup truck ambush.

Two people were killed in the Gustavo A. Madero district of Mexico City, and both were on board a pickup truck in the Aragón Inguarán neighborhood. According to initial reports, the victims were a man and a woman, the latter identified as the niece of one of the founders of Unión Tepito.

The facts were reported during the night of Wednesday, May 31, when information emerged about the attack on Eje 2 Oriente at Congreso de la Unión and Oriente 21. The first reports indicated that around seven gunshots were fired at the site.

Those responsible for the aggression fled on board a black motorcycle. The murdered woman was identified as Odely, and the journalist Antonio Nieto detailed, through his social networks, that she was the niece of a man nicknamed Pancho Cayagua, related to the criminal group Unión Tepito.

Antonio Nieto fue quien informó que la mujer asesinada era sobrina de "Pancho Cayagua"
(Foto: Twitter/@siete_letras)
Antonio Nieto was the one who reported that the murdered woman was the niece of “Pancho Cayagua” (Photo: Twitter/@siete_letras).

Shortly after 9:00 p.m., the attack was reported, after which medical units arrived. Due to these violent events, the area was cordoned off. Members of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City arrived at the site.

Nieto also indicated that the other person killed was a man with the nickname El Pecas. An image circulated on social networks in which a body with a bloodstain could be seen on the front of the unit.

Personnel from the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) of the CDMX also attended the scene, and reporter Jorge Becerril indicated that at least six shell casings were found at the location.

For his part, Francisco Javier Hernández, also known as Pancho Cayagua, was also murdered in the mayor’s office of Gustavo A. Madero in October 2017. On that occasion, the death was the responsibility of the subjects traveling on a motorcycle.

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An alleged member of the Tepito Union arrested

Gabriel “N” y su pareja fueron detenidos en la CDMX 
(Foto: especial/archivo)
Gabriel “N” and his partner were arrested in the CDMX (Photo: Special/file).

The murder of two people was recorded on the same day as the reported capture of Gabriel “N,” a man identified as an alleged extortionist for the criminal group. Elements of the SSC carried out the capture of this person.

According to preliminary reports, he is one of the main extortionists in the Historical Center area of the country’s capital. His arrest was reported on social networks by journalist Carlos Jiménez, who detailed that he was a member of the aforementioned criminal group.

Other arrests linked to unión tepito

Just last May 4, the arrest of two other alleged members of Unión Tepito who were allegedly behind the kidnapping and extortion of a woman was reported. Those arrested were identified as Dante Ulises, 27, and Jean Iván, 16.

Uno de los asegurados cuenta con una orden de aprehensión por homicidio 
(Foto: SSC)
One of the suspects has an arrest warrant for homicide (Photo: SSC).

After cross-checking the data, it was reported that the first of them had been in the capital’s Penitentiary System for crimes against health in the form of drug dealing in 2021.

On that occasion, the victim was rescued and told the agents that she entered the van indicated by the men because she was afraid since the subjects threatened to kill the woman if she did not give them money and accompany them.

Their capture resulted from authorities receiving complaints from restaurant and bar owners. The two arrested men were later identified in a blue vehicle with license plates from the State of Mexico. Although they tried to escape when they saw the uniformed officers, they could not.