“Murderer” sent frightening letters to TV stations in New York, citing a legendary murderer under the Chinese horoscope; FBI alert

The original case remains “open and unsolved” since 1968.

Photo: San Francisco Police Department / Courtesy

A letter in English signed by the “Chinese Horoscope Killer” has been sent to various television stations in Albany, the capital of New York.

Media in the north of the state notified authorities on Wednesday and the FBI investigators ordered them to leave future letters unopened to preserve possible forensic evidence, according to The Times Union.

Federal officials from the Albany field office have not commented on the case. It is unclear which local stations received the threatening letters or what they said.

The original “horoscope killer” added five victims in San Francisco (California) and its surroundings between 1968-69, after sending a series of cryptic letters to the media, threatening violence if they were not published. The case was “open and unsolved”The FBI recalled last October, although a group of former law enforcement officers claimed to have identified that serial killer as Gary Francis Poste, a man who died in custody in 2018, accused of domestic violence and diagnosed with dementia.

The capital city of New York had a connection to the original murder spree. The victim Elizabeth Ferrin reportedly once lived in Albany with her husband, who worked at a newspaper. Additionally, an Albany newspaper editor named Richard Gaikowski, who died in 2004, was also considered a suspect.

A person claiming to be the infamous murderer had sent a frightening letter to The Times Union in 1973, threatening violence in the city. The threatening letter reportedly read in part:

“You were wrong I AM NOT DEAD OR IN THE HOSPITAL I AM ALIVE AND WELL AND I’M GOING TO START KILLING AGAIN Below is the NAME AND LOCATION OF MY NEXT VICTIM But you better hurry because I’m going to kill her on August 10th at 5pm when the shifts change. ALBANY is a beautiful city ”.