Music, Spider-Man, and a cake room highlight Peso Pluma’s 24th birthday celebration

Join the 24-year-old music sensation's extravaganza with unexpected surprises, luxury guests and a unique spin on birthday cake!

Hassan Kabande Laija, better known as Peso Pluma, turned 24 and celebrated in style with a fun party with drinks, music, beautiful girls, and even piñatas. We tell you how was the celebration of the most listened artist worldwide.

The interpreter of ‘Bye’ was born on June 15, 1999, and to celebrate his twenty-fourth birthday, the singer of ‘Corridos Tumbados’ threw a house sale to satisfy all his guests, who enjoyed a tremendous luxury party.

Some images and videos of this exclusive celebration have been shared through social networks. It was anything but simple, as Hassan spared no expense and was full of extravagances and first-class amenities.

This was the exclusive birthday party of Peso Pluma

As part of the amenities, the organizers of Kabande Laija’s party installed a pool of plastic balls that held surprises inside, such as key chains of Spider-Man, the favorite pop culture character of the interpreter of the corridos bélicos.

But this was just one of the impressive details with which ‘La Doble P’ surprised his guests because there were also alcoholic beverages, fireworks, dancing, lights, pyrotechnics, streamers, and even piñatas, as seen in the videos, the first one was Spider-Man and the second one was made in the same image and likeness of the singer.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Mexican singer took advantage of the occasion to delight the attendees with some of his songs, including his hit “Rosa Pastel,” which is part of his new album, “Genesis.”

And as in every party, details could not be missing, and in the middle of the celebration, Peso Pluma received a luxury gift: a silver necklace of Spiderman.

However, one of the amenities that stole the attention was his birthday cake, which could not be missing. However, what many would think was not something traditional, as it was a room completely dedicated to this dessert.

It was a colorful wall where the guests had to take their cake with a spoon as if it were a brick each.

Erick Aragón, Luis R Conriquez, Jasiel Nuñez, and his cousin Tito Laija were some luxury guests present at this birthday celebration. Some internet users missed the presence of some artists, such as Natanael Cano.

“Natanael was missing,” “I want to be one of them,” “How raw he must be,” Which one of them must have been invited,” “The party was close to my house, I heard everything,” were some of the comments that emerged in social networks. The event occurred in Peso Pluma’s home state of Jalisco, specifically in Guadalajara.