“My 2-year-old daughter doesn’t know Santa Claus or the Easter bunny because I don’t want to lie to her.”

New generations of parents have at hand a lot of information about parenting that their parents may not have had, so family styles are now very varied and diverse. To sample a button: a mother shared that she has decided to sbe very honest with her daughter, to the point that the 2-year-old does not know Santa Claus or the Easter bunny because she does not want to lie to him.

A British woman identified as Charlotte shared her experience as a daughter and now as a mother around what happened with Santa Claus at home. “I never received anything that other children had. It really got to me and made me believe that Santa had forgotten about me. I don’t want my son to believe that. I want to be able to have an open and honest relationship with her. I don’t want her to feel left out, ”she told the specialized site Kidspot.

Charlotte assures that Christmas is her favorite day of the year, but she prefers to show her daughter how to enjoy the joy of such a special day instead of feeling sad when opening presents. In fact, made the decision not to lie to her daughter about these fantasy characters long before she got pregnant And, now that his daughter is 2 years old, he has only reaffirmed his position.

So far, the way to prevent your daughter from meeting these characters is just don’t mention Santa Claus, Easter bunny or tooth fairy, but she worries that in the future the girl will feel left out when her contact with other people increases. But at the same time, I think it will be exciting for you to know a secret that most children do not know. And if people still have a problem, then that is their problem, not mine, ”he says.

“This Christmas, he will have presents and his stockings like everyone else, but instead of them being from Santa, he will know that we bought those things for him,” explains the British woman. “Hopefully by doing it that way, you will understand that we work hard for your gifts and you will have more appreciation. that if some man had given them to them ”, he adds.

The mother says she has been deeply informed about how positive it is to be honest with your children and “from what I read, it is better to be honest,” she said.

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