My Hero Academia Chapter 355 Shows Jiro’s Determination

Spoiler warning! My Hero Academia started this year off strong, and the manga has been revising its final act ever since. After all, the creator Kohei Horikoshi has started the epic war of the seriesand that means that All For One is thirsty for blood.

This week, fans learned that jiro felt the same way, and the manga’s latest easter egg shows how determined he is Headphone Jack in this days. The moment came courtesy of Chapter 355 of the Boku no Hero Academia manga.

MHA 355 he checked on Jiro and Tokoyami when the two students took on All For One. They lent their support to Hawks as Endeavor got to his feet thanks to a savage punch. And as you can see below, Jiro endured a twisted attack and slammed back with a racing heart. You can read My Hero Academia manga from MANGA Plus.

Image: Shueisha / My Hero Academia 355 Jiro, Tokoyami and Hawks vs All For One

The creator of Boku no Hero Academia designed the return with panels like none we’ve seen before. As Jiro recovers from the attack, the chapter panels transform from simple rectangles to heart rate graphs.

As Jiro’s anger at All For One grows, so do the lines in these panels. And by the time he starts yelling about his friends, Jiro’s heart goes totally crazy with peaks and valleys.

This clever design choice shows Horikoshi’s genius as always, but it also shows how brave Jiro is. Even in the face of the possibility of having his earlobe cut offthe heroine fights against anger and adrenaline.

Jiro, Tokoyami and Hawks vs All For One

The love he feels for his friends is what brought Jiro’s emotions to a head, and All For One pays the price for it. On the other hand, AmericanPost.News reported before that My Hero Academia Chapter 354 manga focuses on Endeavor vs All for One.

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