My Hero Academia inspires an incredible Dark Deku cosplay

The vigilante version of the main protagonist of the manga My hero academia, Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku has wonderfully come to life in the incredible dark deku cosplay.

Since the beginning of the manga, Deku has been training to use his incredible powers to become a hired superhero. Although in more recent chapters, Izuku has decided to take heroism into his own hands by becoming a vigilante.

That shift in motivation came with an edgy new look that simply oozes with power in this all-new cosplay. In a Reddit post by user Tanzeem_Deku, the cosplayer dons an incredibly faithful Dark Deku costume as he strikes an electrifying pose.

Cosplay Dark Deku from Boku no Hero

Photo: Reddit – Tanzeem_Deku “Cosplay Dark Deku”

AmericanPost.News shares with you, that the cosplay is not only accurate for the original representation of the manga, but the cosplayer added small special effects to the image, giving the impression that Dark Deku, in fact, jumped from the pages of the manga Boku no Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi.

The special effects definitely give the image an added edge, but even without them, the cosplay is a perfect real-life representation of Dark Deku, from the tattered clothing to the sinister-looking broken mask.

Dark Deku, or Black Deku, was first revealed by the creator of Boku no Hero, after the sketches from Volume 31 from the manga series. Since then, fans have experienced the darker version of Deku on the pages of the manga series.

Where to see My Hero Academia Spanish dubbing?

Funimation broadcasts the anime My Hero Academia with Latin, Spanish and English dubbing. Fans can also enjoy all five seasons of the series from the Crunchyroll platform, in the original Japanese language and with Spanish subtitles.

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