My Hero Academia Reveals First Full Look at Space Hero “No 13”

my hero academia Not only did it introduce fans to several new young heroes looking to become pro heroes in the world of Hero Society, it also gave fans many new adult heroes who joined forces with All Might and Endeavor when it came to saving lives. and fighting villains.

One of the most mysterious characters in the opening seasons of UA Academy’s adventures is the heroine known as Space Hero “No. 13” (Thirteen)who wears what looks like an astronaut suit, with a recent volume of the manga giving us an in-depth look at the helmeted hero.

With the War Arc slated for My Hero Academia Season 6 coming this fall, expect Thirteen to show up as Shigaraki and his new forces in the Paranormal Liberation Front attempt to take down hero society and defeat heroes once and for all.

What does No 13 from My Hero Academia look like?

Thirteen “No. 13” from Boku no Hero Academia

Twitter user Atsushi101x shared the new image of Thirteen from the next volume of MHA’s manga, not only giving us an insight into what the hero with a Quirk that allows him to create a fake black hole is, but also delving into his character in general.

Art also shared details about his interests outside of the crime-fighting world and how War Arc affected his career. In this way, we now know that the real name of “No. 13” is anan kurose.

Year. 13” from Boku no Hero likes museums and nature documentaries. The creator Kohei Horikoshi he said in volume 2 of MHA that maybe he would show his face later and it happened.

Thirteen was recently hit by debris during the war while helping the other heroes escape and now her hands are badly injured. Previously in AmericanPost.News We report on the most powerful female My Hero Academia characters.

Actually, this would not be the first time we see “No. 13” unmasked, with a chapter taking place in the manga after the War Arc that saw the normally helmeted crime fighter lose her face covering as a result of her battle against the Nomu and the forces supporting All For One.

How many seasons does Boku no Hero have?

Boku no Hero Academia has 5 anime seasons released and a sixth season confirmed to premiere in the fall of 2022. The world of UA Academy has rarely seen such dark times as now, with War Arc granting the heroes a victory, but costing them to a point where the hero society is left behind. it’s falling apart at the seams.

With pro heroes like Thirteen pushed to their limits in the pages of the manga, Deku has had to step up, moving from fire to fire while pushing his Quirk, One For All, to the limit.

With Midoriya taking on a decidedly darker guise, the series’ protagonist is only now beginning to take a breather and trust his friends once again, as UA Academy plans to attack the League of Villains head-on. You can catch up on My Hero Academia manga from MANGA Plus.

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