My Hero Academia: Who is “Best Jeanist”?

There are many strange characters in My Hero Academia, from beastly villains to wooden heroes. Despite this, one of the strangest recurring characters is a perfectly normal-looking man who simply has a thing for jeans.

My Hero Academia by mangaka Kohei Horikoshi is set in a world full of people with superpowers known as quirks. While most people live perfectly normal lives despite this, some decide to use their quirks for the public good and become heroes.

All Might was well known as the #1 hero before his retirement, but a few places down the hero rankings is the fiber hero, Best Jeanist. Jeanist appears quite frequently in the story, but there is still a bit of mystique surrounding him, as he doesn’t have much time for character development.

Best Jeanist’s personality

Image: My Hero Academia “Best Jeanist”

Tsunagu Hakamada, also known as Best Jeanist, is a rather tall man whose attire consists entirely of jeans. This includes a jean-like neckpiece that covers most of his face.

Along with his bangs, his appearance makes him appear rather stern and sinister, as his eyes are often narrowed, and his face is hidden. While he is quite reserved, this perception is quite far from the truth.

Truth News shares with you that Jeanist is one of the heroes who believe in the classic form of heroism, seeing it as a service he is providing to society. Because of this, he takes his role as a hero very seriously, always approaching it with a quiet determination.

He is also quite flamboyant and obsessed with style, as one might guess from his jeans-based hero persona and slicked-back hair. He is shown to actively dislike people who are too rude and abrasive, such as the troubled Katsuki Bakugo, whom he later hires as an intern at his agency.

Jeanist’s charisma is also worth mentioning, as it is one of the things that keeps him near the top of the hero rankings. It is stated that if the rankings were based on popularity alone, Jeanist would actually be the number 1 hero, showing how much the general public adores him.

Best Jeanist Quirk in My Hero Academia

Image: Best Jeanist Quirk “Fiber Master”

It’s comforting to know that the denim-only look is not just Jeanist’s fashion sense. Like many heroes (such as Midnight and Thirteen), Jeanist’s hero costume is based entirely on maximizing the effectiveness of his “Fiber Master” Quirk.

Fiber Master is a quirk that allows him to manipulate cloth at will. The quirk has varying effectiveness on different fabric types, with denim being the easiest to control and sweat being the most difficult. This explains why he is always seen wearing denim.

Jeanist could also control other types of fiber in the world of My Hero Academia, such as carbon fibers or possibly even muscle fibers. We had already seen him in action when he tried to contain the powerful villain All For One.

The only reason AFO could escape from Jeanist is through a force large enough to rip his clothes off. With how effective this quirk can be, it’s no wonder Jeanist has worked his way up to the highest ranks of hero society.

History of Best Jeanist BNHA

Despite being mentioned in the third chapter of the BNHA manga, Jeanist did not appear in person in the series until chapter 48, during the ‘hero killer’ arc, where some of the students attend work studies at professional heroes’ offices.

He is revealed as the hero Bakugo chose to work with, although it is implied that this is only due to Jeanist’s status as hero number 4. After All Might’s retirement, he would later be promoted to hero number 3.

During the ‘hideout raid’ arc, he is the first to encounter All For One and shortly thereafter is severely injured, which takes him out of the public eye for a long time and permanently loses some of his internal organs. He is even absent for his own promotion to hero number 3.

He is then seen during the events of the ‘metaliberation war’ arc, also known as ‘my villain academy.’ As part of Hawks’ undercover work, he is shown supposedly killing Jeanist and presenting his body to the villain Dabi.

Allies of Best Jeanist

Like most of Japan’s top heroes, Jeanist attended AU, as did the students of Class 1-A. He did not attend at the same time as All Might or Endeavour but was present while Edgeshot was in school, leading them to develop a friendship that persisted into their lives as heroes.

He maintains cordial relations with the rest of the heroes, but his closest connection is actually with the aforementioned Katsuki Bakugo. During the time they worked together, Jeanist tried to make Bakugo softer, even styling Bakugo’s spiky hair to match his own more closely.

At first, it seemed like he was simply trying to push his ideals on Bakugo, but Jeanist turns out to be a better teacher than that. He tries to show Bakugo the other important parts of the hero’s life besides combat, such as public relations.

Bakugo surprisingly ends up admiring Jeanist, despite their clashing personalities. At Jeanist’s request, he reviews the rejected hero names for one he is most proud of, but refuses to reveal the new name to his classmates, presumably wanting Jeanist to be the first to hear his real name.

This implies that Bakugo respects Jeanist possibly as much as All Might, which is shocking, considering his long-term love for All Might (aka Deku’s predecessor with the quirky One For All).

At the time of writing, things are not so good for Bakugo, Best Jeanist and Endgeshot in the My Hero Academia manga. However, we hope this biography will help you get to know hero number 3 even better.