“My house is besieged by FBI agents”: Donald Trump

Federal agents would have arrived at one of the properties of donald trump at Mar-A-Lago, in Palm Beach, Floridawhere the former president himself affirms that members of the FBI They keep their house under siege.

In the communication through Twitter He was angry that something like this is happening to a former president of the USAand even accused the government of having a “persecutory attitude” against him, which he disapproved of.

He mentioned that all these “attacks” against him are to prevent him from reaching the 2024 elections, since they are afraid of his ability to win the presidency again before Joe Biden.

“My house is under siege by FBI agents,” he commented while warning people that this is being done to harm Republicans in the midterm elections, and thus criminalize them with attacks against them, because the numbers favor them.

Compare this to Watergate

Watergate caused Nixon to resign Trump wants to be president again

In the last lines of his letter, he compared the situation he is experiencing with the famous Watergate case, where the Democrats had their offices seized with microphones and cameras in an attempt at general espionage.

He said that now it is the Democrats who are in charge of hitting their rivals, and that now they only seek to attack the 45th president of the United States, although the authorities have not spoken about whether this was an attack or not.

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Donald Trump campaigns for 2024

Trump wants to be president again

The former president seeks to be re-elected for a second separate term, in which he will try to obtain the lost votes in the regions where his performance in handling Covid-19 affected him, and he has already started his campaign events.

Donald Trump wants to secure his position for the year 2024, for this reason, he is already investing in meetings with citizens, of which he did many during his first campaign, now in this campaign he seeks to change the opinion of the people and that millions trust him again .

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